Migraine And Headache Treatment

Approximately 12% of Americans suffer from migraines.1 If you suffer from the debilitation of migraines, there’s one an effective and convenient treatment you should be aware of. As the mainstay emergency department treatment, IV therapy has helped thousands of migraine sufferers, and now it may help you without even having to leave the comfort of your own home (or bed for that matter). Find out how Mobile IV Medics wants to kick your migraines to the curb.

Why Migraine and Headache Treatment Matters

Headaches and migraines are much more than an annoyance. When a migraine hits, it causes immense pain and leaves you unable to function. You may be forced to spend the day in bed, hiding from light and noise due to the sensitivity your migraine creates. Your migraine may keep you from work, school, or time with your family.

To avoid letting your migraines and headaches negatively impact your life, you should seek treatment. While there are many options available, they’re not equally effective or accessible. Fortunately, IV therapy is unique and thanks to Mobile IV Medics, an emergency department level of effectiveness can be brought to you. Through an infusion of vitamins, minerals, and medicines, you can now experience quick relief from your migraines when and where it is convenient for you.

How IV Therapy for Migraines Works

Mobile IV Medics IV therapy may help a wide range of patients. For our patients suffering from migraines, we have specially formulated an effective, rapidly acting treatment. Our migraine IV treatment starts with IV fluids which can have a big impact on your migraine. Your migraine may lead to your body eliminating more fluid than it normally does, leaving you dehydrated. Drinking water may help, but as a migraine sufferer, you know that drinking water in the face of a migraine and nausea that it causes sounds awful. This is why we prefer to treat you with IV therapy to bypass the need for you to drink anything or take a pill. Remember, our treatments are always customized to your wants and needs, but our typical migraine treatment includes:

  • Vitamin B complex, Vitamin B12, & Vitamin C – these vitamins may play an important role in reducing both the frequency and duration of your migraine. 
  • Magnesium – the important mineral and nutrient magnesium may be used as an effective migraine treatment particularly if you experience an “aura” associated with your migraine. 
  • Anti-nausea & vomiting medicine – as a migraine sufferer, you know better than anyone that migraines make you nauseous. This effective IV medicine is typically relegated to a hospital but we bring it straight to your home for immediate relief.
  • Anti-inflammatory, headache, & pain medicine – a proven effective migraine medicine given in all major emergency departments as treatment. This medicine works in the body to prevent migraine causing substances from continuing to be formed during your attack.

Getting the Help You Need

When you’re suffering from a migraine, book here on our website by clicking book now or text/call us at (833) 483-7477 (833 IV DRIPS). We’ll gladly answer all of your questions regarding our treatment and will walk you through our treatment process. Mobile IV Medics offers IV therapy at your convenience. To learn more about what we have to offer, call us today.