Our Team

Have you ever woken up to feeling so miserable you couldn't (or at least didn't want to) get out of bed? We have suffered from the flu, food poisoning, migraines, and even the occasional miscalculation of cocktails. That's why we developed Mobile IV Medics so everyone has a concierge service to count on for treatments to help you feel better all in the comfort of your own home, hotel, office, or anywhere else you may need us. That's right, now there's no need to suffer getting to your appointment because we're completely mobile and come to you!  Two lifelong best friends (yes, since kindergarten), JC & Brad have worked to develop services you can count on while also adding the concierge level convenience previously only available to a select few patients. Our team has been assembled to provide you the best possible care and service to keep you feeling your best or get you back on your feet when you're at your worst. Please meet the MIVM family of healthcare professionals below.

JC Lombardo
Brad Wenderoth, Pharm.D.
Jonny Weber
Nurse Alison
Nurse Amy
Nurse Cari
Nurse Daun
Nurse Dominique
Nurse Jackie
Nurse Jason
Nurse Jennifer
Nurse Ken
Nurse Margaux
Nurse Nikki
Nurse Randi
Nurse Richie
Nurse Wendy