JC Lombardo

Brad Wenderoth

Two lifelong best friends (yes, since kindergarten), JC & Brad have worked to develop services you can count on while also adding the concierge level convenience previously only available to a select few patients. Our team has been assembled to provide you the best possible care and service to keep you feeling your best or get you back on your feet when you’re at your worst. Our team has 20+ nurses and paramedics servicing California and Florida!

Our IV Experts

Pictures coming soon!

Nurse Kelly

Nurse Sarah

Nurse llana

Nurse Janell

Nurse Lara

Nurse Cari

Nurse Natasha

Nurse Sarah

Nurse Wendy

Nurse Ken

Nurse Jason

Nurse Leslie

Nurse Alison

Nurse D’Nyse

Nurse Chelsea

Nurse Loic

Nurse Amy

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Kristine

Nurse Richie

Nurse Brian

Nurse Abbie

Nurse Antonio

Nurse Devin PMD