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Mobile IV Therapy in O’ahu

What’s the fastest way to get any kind of nutrient or medication into the body? The answer is with an IV drip. That’s why so many hospitals and medical center personnel administer IVs as soon as patients arrive.

Today, you can get the benefit of nourishing IV treatment in O’ahu without having to leave your home, hotel room or office. At Mobile IV Medics, we bring IV drips to our patients. This allows you to comfortably and privately restore your body’s balance of vitamins and essential nutrients to address symptoms of everything from lowered immunity to jet lag.

Pricing for O’ahu IV Drips

IV therapy drip packages vary in price according to what’s included. Our most basic IV treatment, which contains rehydrating saline, starts at $199. Other drips are priced to reflect included nutrients like vitamins and amino acids, or medications such as anti-inflammatories. 

We encourage you to browse through our complete lineup of IV drips available at your location in O’ahu. 

Remember that all our IV therapy choices can be customized. Want to add more vitamins or a particular medicine to your IV drip? Let one of our trained, friendly nurses know when you book your appointment.

Make Every Day Great With Personalized, Mobile IV Treatment in O’ahu

From the moment people arrive in O’ahu, they’re mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape. Even residents continuously rave about their natural or adoptive hometown. Being right on the Pacific Ocean, you can do everything from surfing to snorkeling. And don’t forget about the other tourist attractions like exploring Diamond Head State Park or paying homage at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

With so many wonderful distractions, you may discover that you’re dehydrated or just worn down physically by the end of the day. Instead of remaining depleted, restore your mind and body with mobile IV therapy. 

We’re on call 24/7 to deliver IV drips containing vitamins, amino acids, saline and other essential nutrients wherever you are in O’ahu. You’ll appreciate our speed and commitment to making the experience of getting individualized, discreet IV drip therapy second to none.

There are many ailments that can be lessened with IV therapy. Here are a few of the most common: 

  • Dehydration: No matter how much water you drink, you can’t return your body to proper hydration levels as quickly as you can with a saline IV drip.
  • Jet lag: Has your body’s circadian rhythm been disrupted due to multi-time zone travel? Get back on track with an IV drip filled with nourishing nutrients.
  • Hangover: When hangovers happen, get relief sooner with IV therapy. Many of our popular packages, such as the MIVM Cocktail, are terrific for serious hangovers.

It’s never been easier to take your health into your hands, and there’s no need to leave wherever you are. Mobile IV Medics in O’ahu will bring the advantages of IV treatment to any home, office or hotel.

Book an Appointment in O’ahu for IV Drip Therapy

Whether you want an immune system boost or to temper the effects of PMS, IV treatment can be the right solution. Book your appointment for mobile IV therapy in O’ahu today. Our skilled nurses will come to you quickly, helping you feel your best.