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Mobile IV Medics is here to provide quick, efficient hangover relief whenever and wherever you need it. Our hangover IV is designed to combat the most stubborn symptoms through hydration and a combination of vitamins and electrolytes.

All you have to do is call us (or book online), then sit back and relax — we’ll come to you and help you get on with your day. Find a hangover IV drip near you and book online!


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Hangover IV
The Hangover IV Package costs $299, which includes a nurse coming to the location of your choice. Book your appointment online now and we’ll be at your door ASAP!

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Lingering Hangover Symptoms? Let Us Help!

The morning after a few too many drinks can be unpleasant. As the alcohol works its way through your body, your organs work to break it down and eliminate the toxins. Hangovers can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but most people don’t have that much time to recuperate from a night out.

Our hangover IV drip rehydrates you and fills you with nutrients and electrolytes that ease most common symptoms, including:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Irritability and anxiety



Vitamin B Complex
IV Fluid
Vitamin B12
Hangover IV
Anti-nausea and vomiting medicine
Anti-inflammatory, headache and pain medicine
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Hangover IV Ingredients

Mobile IV Medics offers a hangover IV drip solution that targets the root of your symptoms. Our hangover IV therapy is designed to provide the best treatment possible. The hangover drip package consists of:

  • IV fluid: When you’re drinking alcohol, hydrating yourself is one of the best things you can do to avoid a hangover. Alcohol can stifle your body’s fluid absorption. It also works as a diuretic, making liquids move through your body before it can take them in properly. Our IV fluids contain saline and electrolytes that will help restore your body’s water levels and alleviate symptoms like dry mouth and headaches.
  • Vitamin B complex: Vitamin B complex is a collection of nutrients essential to brain and metabolic functions. They’re fluid soluble, meaning they’re stored in water. When you become dehydrated from drinking, you’re depleting these vitamins as well. A boost of vitamins including riboflavin, niacin, thiamin and folic acid can aid your brain in thinking through that post-drinking fogginess.
  • Vitamin B12: Like other B vitamins, vitamin B12 or cobalamin is fluid soluble and helps maintain your energy levels. This particular vitamin also poses absorption challenges when you take it orally and it goes through your digestive system. An IV infusion of vitamin B12 is the best way to benefit from the effects.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione is perhaps the most essential nutrient for your hangover in our drip. It’s directly responsible for helping break down the toxins alcohol leaves in your system. It’s also an anti-inflammatory agent. The more you drink, the more you deplete your natural glutathione supply, leading to a longer recovery time. Getting some extra glutathione in your system can lessen the length of your hangover and decrease painful symptoms.
  • Anti-nausea and vomiting medication: Nausea and vomiting are some of the most common symptoms of alcohol overindulgence, from the moment you finish your last drink until your hangover finally dissipates. Our IVs include medicine that blocks signals in your nervous system that might otherwise upset your stomach.
  • Anti-inflammatory, headache and pain medication: This medicine works to prevent your body from producing inflammatory substances and block pain receptors that can keep you feeling down.

Also, be sure to ask about our add-in options for superior nutrition when you need it most!


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Hangover IV Therapy Reviews

Nurse Richie is incredible and changed my life! I tend to get bad hangovers and have always wanted to get an IV. I was in Santa Barbara for my wedding week and felt horrible one morning.

We called Nurse Rich’s and he was incredible: professional, knowledgeable, and meticulous. Beyond that he is such a kinda person who was incredibly accommodating to my friends and myself.

We loved him and the service so much we ended up coordinating with him to get IVs for my bridal party!

If you get bad hangovers you don’t have to suffer anymore – and there is no one else I would trust more than Nurse Richie.

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Taylor S, Santa Barbara

Richie was so nice and friendly! Ordering an IV was a quick and easy process and they were at my house within the hour. I didn’t know what to expect but it was a great experience! The hangover IV helped me turn the corner and feel so much better. HIGHLY recommend.

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Sofie D, Santa Barbara

I wish Richie was available in San Francisco.

Anyone who is in need of hangover relief in the Santa Barbra area needs to immediately contact Mobile IV. Came to our hotel within a hour and Richie was personable and made the experience as comfortable as possible.

Life changing.

[Read More]
David R., Santa Barbara

Mobile IV Medics has an incredible selection of premium IV therapies, and all geared to making sure your mind and body heals in the best possible way. For me it was a need for re-energizing, hydration, and refreshing, and after the 45 minute session I felt like a new person. I have also heard people talk about the value of these sessions for those nagging hangovers, and I will be there booking on-line again when that happens.

And I have to say the convenience of booking online with a registered nurse made the experience all the more satisfying. They were very thorough in explaining the IV drip system, and making sure I had the best possible combination of IV therapies.

Conscientious, convenient, and caring, Mobile IV Medics exceeded my expectations.

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Mickey A, Santa Barbara

So I went a little too crazy last night. And was very very hung over this morning. Couldn’t keep any fluids or food down or medication. Honestly was considering going to the er. I had never felt this way before. So I decided to give this a try. And oh wow Amy worked wonders on me. Seriously saved my life. When she heard how bad off I was she went out of here and squeezed me in earlier in the day. Was early. And made the entire process a breeze. Great stick on the IV line was very kind and informative as to what she was doing. Checked vitals several times and just took the absolute best care of me! Went from a 1 to a 10 as far as feeling well. And it was not nearly as expensive as I really expected it to be. She also told me they have an immune booster combo that works really well and that this type of therapy really works with most flus, colds, and just overall not feeling well. Highly recommend the service and if you do make sure you ask for Amy!!

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Courtney M, Camarillo, CA

After a week long vacation of boozing, going out in the freezing cold to sit in a hot tub for hours, and going to bed late, my system was wrecked. Plus, I didnt want to take any risks with a comprised immune system mixed with covid on a rampage. I had done IV therapy before on vacation and in vegas so I knew this was going to be the best thing for me. This was even better! I got a same day appointment and could relax in the privacy of my own home and lay on my bed and watch TV. Ken is great, really knowledgeable, made me the perfect “cocktail” based on my needs and fun to talk to. Made my session go by so fast too. I would highly recommend this service and ask for Ken, he is great. Process is easy and the prices are reasonable. I slept.like a baby and woke up feeling like a million bucks, and hydrated too.

[Read More]
Samantha T, Simi Valley, CA

My husband woke up after a night out of drinking feeling very dehydrated and hungover. He tried drinking some electrolytes and eating crackers but he was feeling so nauseous it wouldn’t stay down. He said he never felt like this before so I decided to call Mobile IV Medics. They were quick to respond and sent Nurse Ken over to administrate the hangover cocktail IV. My husband suffers from Vasovagal syncope and passes out when he sees needles but nurse Ken was able to get him past this fear! (AMAZING) He explained everything in detail and disinfected EVERYTHING before starting the process. He was in and out within an hour. My husband said he instantly felt better within minutes of the IV being started. Thanks to nurse Ken for a smooth and successful treatment we will definitely use them again!

[Read More]
Stephanie M, Granada Hills

I found the Mobile IV company over the holidays when my Natural Path doctor was closed. I woke up in the middle of the night and started feeling a cold/flu coming on. I emailed the company at 4 AM, and Richie came to my rescue the very next morning. Richie is extremely caring, SOOO good at needles and is an absolute blast to talk with during the IV treatment. My whole family now uses his services for immune boosting and even hangovers. I have used IV nutritions for several years now and now more than ever it’s important to have a strong immune system! Richie is the guy to call!

[Read More]
Sheri V., Carpinteria, CA

Nurse Wendy came to my hotel suite and saved my husbands life. It was our wedding day yesterday and my hubby had one too many 1942 tequila shots. He was not feeling well all morning and when Wendy came she was the most hospitable welcoming person- someone you want to encounter during a painful hangover. She made my husband and I feel very safe and comfortable. 10/10 would recommend this angel.

[Read More]
Courtney P., Los Angeles

The treatment I received, hangover IV drip package worked wonders!! I contacted them at 8:00am on a Sunday morning to check if they had any availability that day and they were able to send out a nurse at 9:45am with such short notice. I am forever grateful for Nurse Stephanie Au. She was so professional, caring, and kind. This was my first time getting an IV treatment. I was a bit nervous but Stephanie walked me through the whole process and made me feel so comfortable the entire time (about 30 minutes). I was so sick and severely dehydrated prior to her coming. It didn’t take long for the treatment to kick in. I was already feeling better within 10-15 minutes. I could feel my body rehydrate with the vitamins and fluids she gave me. After the treatment, I felt like a new person and very relaxed. It’s been a day and I feel better than ever. My body feels amazing. It was worth every penny and more!

I highly recommend Mobile IV, and nurse Stephanie and am looking forward to trying other treatments of theirs in the near future.

[Read More]
Nicole A., Orange County

Nicole was prompt, professional, and a pure joy! We have used her multiple times for kicking a virus or having one too many drinks with friends. We will use her services again!

[Read More]
Cavan C., Austin, TX

Had a great experience with Mobile IV Medics. A member of my family drank way too much on an empty stomach and had a horrible hangover (dehydrated, nauseous, all the above) and we booked Mobile UV Medics to stabilize her. Mobile IV Medics sent over a nurse names Julie who was fantastic and went above and beyond to make sure my family member was well taken care of and feeling better. High recommend. Thank you, Julie!

[Read More]
Todd C., Austin, TX

I was lucky enough to be treated by Nurse Jennifer, I’ve attached a picture of her card. She was amazing and gentle and so understanding. After an adult night out she was a complete life saver. My self induced dehydration did not stand a chance against the “hangover” IV cocktail. Terrible headache, nausea, vomiting, all a distant memory and within an hour I was feeling 75% better an hour more 100% better.

My appointment was even fast tracked after I asked for an earlier time. If you are looking for premier treatment, a soft and gentle stick call Nurse Jennifer!

[Read More]
Stephanie M, Austin, TX

Julie is heaven sent. She truly is amazing. I was feeling really really sick and nauseous from partying too much while visiting my sister here in Austin. The moment Julie walked in the door I felt so calm and at ease. She was so comforting while I felt so sick. I’m scared of needles and she put me at ease and talked me through all the steps and made the experience great. I couldn’t recommend her more. It was worth every single penny. I feel so much better and happier. I wish I could take Julie back to NYC with me!! Thank you Mobil IV Austin and Julie for the best experience to make me feel better.

[Read More]
Alexandra R., Austin, TX

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Mobile IV Medics offers a hangover solution that targets the root of your symptoms. Our hangover IV therapy is designed to provide the best treatment possible.

The Hangover IV Package from Mobile IV Medics costs $299, which includes a nurse coming to the location of your choice. Book your appointment online now and we’ll be at your door ASAP!

You can get a Mobile IV Medic hangover IV at your home anywhere within our growing service area!

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Our Hangover IV which includes IV fluid, vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, Glutathione, Anti-nausea & vomit medication & Anti-inflammatory, headache & pain medication

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