The monthly fatigue, mood swings, cramps, breast sensitivity and bloating associated with PMS can disrupt your life, leaving you wishing you could wave a magic wand and make all your symptoms disappear. While there’s no such thing as an instant cure for PMS, at-home IV therapy is the next best thing. IV therapy for PMS delivers vitamins directly into your bloodstream for almost immediate relief, helping you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

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An at-home IV drip relieves cramps related to PMS for up to 48 hours by replenishing the body’s micronutrients, like vitamin B and magnesium. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of PMS IV therapy and how you can use this innovative treatment to decrease discomfort during your next period. 

Benefits of PMS IV Therapy

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There are numerous benefits of our HER PMS IV therapy, including the ability to manage menstrual symptoms more comfortably. A HER IV treatment can reduce bloating, improve irritability and manage various uncomfortable symptoms. IV infusion therapy also introduces vital nutrients and vitamins into the bloodstream to improve PMS symptoms and correct potential deficiencies that can worsen PMS.

Besides delivering essential nutrients and vitamins, IV therapy can hydrate the body to improve PMS-related symptoms. Hormonal shifts during PMS can make women more likely to become dehydrated. HER IV therapy can introduce much-needed hydration to alleviate this problem and more, including the following.

  • Discomfort: PMS IV treatments can relieve general discomfort related to PMS. Many women can more easily go about their day without painful symptoms sapping their energy. 
  • Acne: Approximately 65% of people report premenstrual acne flare-ups. PMS IV treatment can help reduce acne and breakouts associated with PMS. 
  • Fluid retention: Premenstrual water retention typically occurs due to fluctuations in hormonal levels. IV treatments can reduce the bloating caused by water retention.
  • Anxiety and depression: Many women experience PMS-related mood swings. Anxiety and depression are symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which affects approximately 5% of women. HER IV treatments can keep you on a more even keel and reduce the severity of mood swings.
  • Difficulty sleeping: On average, 70% of women report insomnia-like PMS symptoms, with 80% reporting feeling tired due to PMS. IV therapy can promote a healthy sleep schedule. 
  • Menstrual migraines: Approximately 60% of women observe a correlation between their menstrual cycle and migraines. PMS IV treatments can reduce the severity and frequency of menstrual migraines.

Does IV Therapy Ease Menstrual Cramps?

At-home IV drip therapy relieves menstrual cramps and other painful symptoms associated with PMS. During your period, the uterus contracts and expels its lining, causing cramping and lower back pain. A nutrient-boosting HER IV pack can restore crucial hydration to the body and help you manage PMS symptoms. In addition to alleviating menstrual cramps, IV therapy can also help improve various other symptoms related to PMS.

How PMS IV Therapy Can Help You Find Relief

PMS symptoms’ severity can vary among women and even from one month to the next. For example, some women experience premenstrual dysphoric disorder, a more severe form of PMS symptoms. With PMDD, women may have menstrual migraines, irritability and extreme mood shifts. HER IV treatments for PMS can improve these symptoms by combining IV fluids, B vitamins, anti-inflammatory medication and magnesium.

IV Fluids

IV Fluids

HER IV therapy uses a base of hydrating IV fluids that are typically a combination of water and sodium chloride, which helps restore your body’s fluids. An IV treatment for PMS introduces essential electrolytes directly into your bloodstream to maximize hydration. These IV fluids also help transfer vital nutrients and vitamins from the package to your body for fast, reliable delivery.

Vitamins B12 and B Complex

B vitamins play an essential role in maintaining overall health, particularly for proper brain functioning and energy levels. Studies have shown that vitamin B may be effective in treating premenstrual symptoms and premenstrual depression. B vitamins can support cell function and help improve mood and numerous PMS-related symptoms.

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

Anti-inflammatory medication during HER IV therapy can ease the discomfort of menstrual cramps and PMS-related headaches or menstrual migraines. Reducing overall inflammation can ease various PMS symptoms and help women return to their daily lives sooner. Anti-inflammatory medication blocks the substances that cause swelling to reduce overall nerve sensitivity for pain relief. 


Magnesium plays a crucial role in the body and in managing PMS symptoms. Researchers have found that magnesium is an effective treatment for PMS and PMS-related issues. HER IV therapy with magnesium may help with sleep disruptions, water retention and PMS-related mood issues. IV treatments for PMS contain a healthy amount of magnesium to manage PMS symptoms while relieving any potential deficiencies you have.

Nutrient Add-Ins

While HER IV treatments for PMS offer many nutrients, you may also choose to include additional vitamins and minerals for an extra boost. Each nutrient provides a unique advantage to help alleviate PMS symptoms and promote a healthy mind and body. Some of our patients’ favorite add-ins include zinc, taurine, NAD+, carnitine and anti-heartburn medicine.

At-Home IV for Your Period

In most cases, PMS IV therapy requires two sessions per week for the two weeks before your period begins. We often suggest at least three cycles of IV therapy to maximize the benefits. Most IV sessions for PMS symptoms typically last approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

At-home HER IV drip therapy is a safe, effective treatment to manage and reduce PMS symptoms’ severity. There are little to no side effects of at-home IV treatments for most patients, allowing you to return to daily activities immediately after a session.

IV Therapy for PMS Symptoms

Mobile IV Medics, is a mobile IV therapy provider that offers unique treatments brought directly to you. Our team of IV therapy experts can travel to your home, office or hotel room to administer an IV treatment. We strive to provide safe, comfortable and convenient service. At Mobile IV Medics, you can choose the IV drip that best fits your symptoms and unique needs.

Each IV drip treatment contains a carefully chosen blend of high-quality vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants to relieve several common symptoms people may experience. You can even customize your IV vitamin bag for your specific health concerns. IV therapy is one of the quickest, most effective methods of delivering vital nutrients to your body, helping regulate your mood and improve various symptoms.

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IV Therapy for PMS Symptoms