Philadelphia is a wonderful vacation destination and a great place to live. If you’re anything like us, you’ll find it full of temptation to fill your days with activities — maybe even a few too many. You want to feel your best in this historic city with endless things to do, so it pays to have a solution ready when an overstuffed schedule turns into feelings of dehydration and fatigue. Luckily, residents and visitors in Philadelphia have IV therapy to help them bounce back.

With registered nurses and targeted therapies, Mobile IV Medics offers a safe and effective way to recover energy and restore your immune system. Our variety of treatments can help you feel better quickly so you can get back out there and experience everything Philly has to offer. 

How Much Does IV Therapy Cost in Philadelphia?

Prices for IV therapy in Philadelphia range from $199 (basic hydration IV drip) to $749 (robust NAD+ IV therapy). The price includes everything necessary for the service, including the transportation costs for the nurse coming to administer the drip. 

When your nurse arrives at your location, they’ll review your symptoms to help you determine which of our IV packages best fits your condition. 

IV Drip Services in Philadelphia

IV hydration therapy is an excellent option for those who want to boost their recovery and increase their stamina. We offer a range of IV options to treat symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain and nausea, and our additional immune boosts are perfect for those looking to stay healthy and active. 

Not seeing a treatment that fits your exact needs? Customize your own blend of ingredients with your goals in mind.

IV Therapy, Whenever, Wherever

When you request an IV treatment in Philadelphia from Mobile IV Medics, there is no need to leave your location. We understand the importance of getting relief from your symptoms quickly, so we designed our service with flexibility in mind.

Schedule an appointment whenever you need IV hydration to have our registered nurses come to you wherever you are — at home, at work or while enjoying your vacation. 

We serve neighborhoods all over Philly, including:

  • Old City
  • Fairmount
  • Northern Liberties
  • Fishtown
  • Grays Ferry

Busy Day in Philadelphia? We Have You Covered.

When you’re spending time in Philadelphia, it’s easy to find your itinerary overflowing with things to do. Philly-favorite activities include:

  • Visiting the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall.
  • Taking a walk on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.
  • Seeing the sights of the Delaware River Waterfront from Penn’s Landing.
  • Experiencing the city’s rich history at the African American Museum or The Franklin Institute.
  • Watching a baseball game at Citizens Bank Park.
  • Eating and drinking to your heart’s content at the Reading Terminal Market.
  • Touring neighborhoods like Old City and Society Hill or taking a stroll down South Street to see the hipster culture of Philadelphia.

Though these fun activities are a wonderful way of recharging your mind, the energy it takes to hit all the city’s high points can leave your body feeling drained. When it’s time to recover from your adventures in Philadelphia, IV therapy is a quick, restorative solution that will hydrate your body and prepare you for the next day.

How to Set up Your IV Hydration Therapy in Philadelphia

With the convenience of an on-site, on-demand IV drip, there’s no need to suffer the symptoms of jet lag, a cold or a lingering hangover. Book an appointment to have our nurses come give you the IV treatment needed for quick relief.

Have questions? Reach out online or text or call us at 833-483-7477 to ask how IV treatment can get you back to enjoying your time in Philly.