IV drips can assist with all types of conditions, from getting sick to having food poisoning to experiencing dehydration. IVs deliver treatments quickly and effectively, so it’s little wonder that parents may wonder if they can get their child IV therapy to treat an ailment.

We hear from many people who ask us, “How old do you have to be to get an IV drip?” You must meet three main conditions, including being the right age, to receive an IV drip from Mobile IV Medics:

  • Be 12 years or older, unless you weight at least 100lbs
  • Be willing to get the IV
  • Have parental consent if you are under age 18

You cannot receive an IV drip from Mobile IV Medics if you are younger than 12 years, or weight at least 100lbs. Many younger children have a fear of needles but thankfully our staff is here to help through the process. 

Of course, having a good nurse can make a difference. We employ seasoned Registered Nurses who can usually get the patient on the first stick. Their expertise makes for a much more pleasant and relaxed experience.

Young people can benefit from having IV drips just the same as adults. Children often become dehydrated in the summer because they’re running around with friends outside and often forget to sip water. Or, they may overexert themselves in a sporting event, such as a soccer game or tennis match.

Getting an IV can help treat dehydration much faster than drinking water, as the fluids enter your bloodstream directly. An IV drip can assist an older child who is sick, too.

Get in Touch to Set Up an IV Drip Appointment

Do you have a child over age 12 who could benefit from an IV drip? As long as they meet our criteria, we can assist you. We have a range of packages available that can work wonders for young people, such as drips designed to boost immunity and increase energy and focus or to aid with cold and flu symptoms. When your child needs an extra pick-me-up, an IV drip could provide your desired solution.

Getting an IV drip will treat so many symptoms for your teen or preteen, and we can be at most locations within an hour. Learn more about our services or reach out to schedule an appointment today.