Mobile IV Therapy in California

An IV is used in medical and therapeutic settings. A needle is inserted into your arm and a saline solution, medication or other beneficial liquid is dispensed. The benefit of an IV drip is that it delivers hydration and other benefits directly to your bloodstream. However, you don’t have to be seriously ill or in a hospital to get IV therapy in California.

Mobile IV Medics brings different IV therapy packages directly to your California home, hotel or office. Each of our packages is designed by our pharmacist with beneficial ingredients that have been shown to have a positive effect against hangovers, insomnia, dehydration, fatigue and many other troublesome conditions.

Counties We Serve In Southern California:

Our Most Popular IV Drips in California

Our most popular IV packages cost $159-399. Below are some of our best sellers in the state!

Our Full IV Menu

No matter who you are, whether you are new to California IV therapy or have been using it for years, Mobile IV Medics has packages which may interest you:

  • IV Hydration Package: Whether you’ve been ill or playing sports hard, our hydration package includes vitamins B and C, Taurine to maintain electrolyte balance and more.
  • Cold & Flu IV Drip: This package includes B and C vitamins, zinc, glutathione and medications to address fever, pain, nausea and headaches.
  • Immune System Support IV Package: This combination of nutrients, hydration, vitamins and antioxidants is designed to bring you peace of mind when cold and flu season hits.
  • Food Poisoning IV: With medications designed for nausea, pain, heartburn and other common symptoms of food poisoning, this package also features hydration, nutrients and vitamins.
  • Morning Sickness IV Drip Package: When you have morning sickness, the last thing you want to do is to go to the pharmacy or clinic. With mobile IV services in California, you can get this package in your home, office or hotel.
  • Hangover IV Drip Package: If you have overindulged, this package includes hydration, anti-nausea medicine, nutrients, vitamins, headache and pain medicine and even anti-reflux medication.
  • NAD+ IV Drip Package: You may never have heard of NAD+, but this tiny molecule is crucial for the overall health of your DNA and cells. You don’t have to have low levels.
  • Weight Loss IV Drip: When you are working out and eating right, this IV drip contains hydration, nutrients and vitamins to help you feel good about your health goals.
  • MIVM Cocktail IV Drip Package: When you want it all, this customized IV drip is packed with the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and additions you need for your unique needs.
  • Jet Lag IV Drip Package: After a long plane ride, this IV drip delivers hydration as well as nutrients, vitamins, anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medication.
  • Energy & Focus IV Drip Package: When you want the energy and hydration of sports drinks without added sugar and artificial coloring, this vitamin-dense formula delivers.
  • Recovery IV Drip Package: Whether you’re a weekend warrior or just finished a marathon, this formula is designed to address dehydration, stress, muscle aches and overall body stress.
  • Migraine & Headache IV Drip Package: This package delivers anti-pain and anti-nausea formulas right into your veins, along with hydration and vitamins.
  • Beauty IV Drip Package: Beauty comes from within, and this formula includes vitamins and minerals with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy Package: One of the most popular options from Mobile IV Medics, this unique formula was developed by Dr. John Myers for overall health.
  • Nausea IV Drip Package: This IV drip contains not only an anti-nausea formula but also hydration and vitamins to replace what you have lost.
  • HER IV Package: Designed to support you during a menstrual cycle, this formula contains hydration, magnesium, vitamins and anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medication to address cramps and other PMS symptoms.

We Service California – and We’re Growing!

Our roots are in California, as it’s the first state we serviced when we opened our doors. We now serve a large region across the state, and we’re working to expand to the entire state in the near future. Currently we service patients in:

About Our California Team

Our California team serves residents and visitors of Orange County, LA County, San Diego County, Santa Barbara County and Ventura County. Mobile IV Medics has a team of more than 15 nurses who are on the road to bring you the right IV drip formulas.

Our friendly and professional team genuinely cares about your well-being and is willing to bring your IV therapy to your home, office or hotel room. We are passionate about making quality IV drip formulas available to you in the most convenient and mobile form possible.

girl and guy getting iv therapy

Our Most Common Patients in California

Mobile IV Medics serves a wide variety of patients and clients in California.

Residents who are suffering from morning sickness, PMS, food poisoning, migraines, the flu or who just want a boost to feel their best call us for our mobile IV therapy. Many even become regular customers!

Tourists love Mobile IV Medics, too. If you’re visiting local attractions such as the Getty Center, Disney, Hollywood or other tourist draws, migraines, food poisoning or jet lag can derail carefully laid plans. If you’re a tourist, you may not have a local clinic or doctor to call, but Mobile IV Medics can be at your hotel room or rental with an IV drip designed to act fast so you can start enjoying California again.

Mobile IV Medics is also a popular choice for bachelorette and bachelor parties. In fact, if you’re planning a big “last hurrah” at an Angels or Dodgers game, at the beach or at local bars, do yourself a favor and book your next-morning session at the same time. You can get a dose of hydration and vitamins as well as anti-pain and anti-nausea medication first thing in the morning.

Schedule Your IV Online Now!

If you’ve been curious about IV therapy, or you just have a condition that’s causing you discomfort and you’re ready to see what IV drip solutions can do, give Mobile IV Medics a try. Schedule an appointment today to get one of our friendly nurses to come to you with the right formula based on your condition. Or, contact our team if you’d like to learn more about our services.