NAD+ IV Drip Package



Did you know your natural levels of the essential enzyme NAD+ may be decreased? As a potential addiction IV therapy and anti-aging IV therapy, our NAD+ infusion is specifically formulated to boost your body’s levels of NAD+ to get your both your mind and energy back. Save what you have left in the tank and let a Mobile IV Medics expert come to you for NAD+ infusion supercharging. Give your NAD+ IV Therapy an all-inclusive vitamin boost by adding the ingredients from a MIVM Cocktail to your NAD+ IV for $999.

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  • IV Fluid – one of the most common reasons for fatigue and exhaustion is actually dehydration. Since the majority of Americans do not consume enough fluid for optimal performance and health, it’s not surprise that they may suffer from lapses in memory, poor concentration, and lethargy. These IV fluids are formulated to go directly into and stay in the bloodstream giving you the instant benefits you need.


  • NAD+ – is present in every cell in your body. It is essential in the processes our body uses to generate energy at the cellular level. In fact, life isn’t possible without hundreds of functions nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) does to power our metabolism. Your body doesn’t have endless supplies of NAD+. Aging, alcohol, drugs, disease stress, and illness all contribute to decreased levels of NAD+. Since, NAD+ is crucial in pathways for energy, metabolism, and DNA function/repair, decreased levels are thought to contribute to aging processes among other negative effects such as;
    • Decreased energy
    • Increased fatigue
    • Loss of muscle strength
    • Increased fat production and storage
    • Neurodegeneration – may lead to agitation, anxiety, apathy, forgetfulness, memory loss, and mood changes
    • Increased inflammation
  • NAD+ IV therapy requires advance booking of at least 2 days and usually requires increased infusions times ranging from 1-4 hours to maximize patient comfort during your addiction IV therapy and/or anti-aging IV therapy.


  • Vitamins – make your NAD+ infusion all-inclusive with our Mobile IV Medics NAD+ MIVM Cocktail ($999).


  • Please remember all of our treatments may be customized. Please let us know if you have any questions or needs regarding your treatment selection. Be sure to ask about add-in treatments to optimize your Mobile IV Medics NAD+ infusion:
    • Add Vitamin B complex
    • Add Vitamin B12
    • Add Vitamin C
    • Add Glutathione
    • Add Magnesium
    • Add MIC & L-Carnitine
    • Extra NAD+ (may increase infusion time)
    • Add Taurine
    • Add Zinc
    • Add Medicine(s)

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