You hereby agree to pay Mobile IV Medics the full payment for all scheduled service(s) when a booking is made. Refunds are not issued for missed appointments. In the case of canceling an appointment, a minimum of one (1) hour notice of appointment cancellation is required. Failure to provide the required advanced notice will result in a charge of $100 per booked service missed in your appointment.

Appointments may be canceled by sending an email to customer excellence at [email protected] or by calling or texting (833) 483-7447.

In addition to the foregoing, if the designated medical professional determines in his/her sole discretion that you are unable to receive requested services due to your current medical condition, that you have misrepresented yourself in regards to the information you supplied, and/or if, at the time of your appointment, you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, such professional will not render the services ordered and you will be charged $100 per service missed in your appointment.

Upon acceptance of these Terms and each time you place an order for services, you hereby authorize Mobile IV Medics to charge your credit card (or other payment method) for the applicable fees, charges, and taxes.