Mobile IV Hydration Therapy in Florida

Mobile IV Medics offers IV therapy services in Florida in your hotel, home or workplace. Our formulas work just like the IV drip in the hospital. Our nurses insert a needle into your vein and carefully monitor you while your chosen formula delivers hydration and vitamins as well as other benefits.

We currently service about a 30 mile radius around West Palm Beach and Miami, allowing us to cover a lot of state!

Whether you have symptoms of dehydration, overwork, hangovers, morning sickness, jet lag or many other ailments, we have pharmacist-developed packages available to address these symptoms.

Areas We Serve In Florida

Florida Favorites

Our hydration IV packages range in price based on what IV you get. Our best seller is the MIVM Cocktail. Below are some of our Florida Favorites!

Our Full IV Drip Menu

In Florida, Mobile IV Medics has nurses who can deliver a range of formulas and customized packages to address your specific concerns and symptoms:

  • Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy Package: Developed by Dr. John Myers, this formula is one of the most popular requests from our patients for a variety of symptoms and conditions and for overall health.
  • Immune System Support IV Package: Whether everyone around you is getting sick or flu season is closing in, this formula combines nutrients, hydration and vitamins.
  • Food Poisoning IV: In addition to anti-nausea medication, this IV drip also has nutrients, vitamins and hydration to address what your body has lost. This package also contains medication for heartburn and pain, which can be common symptoms of food poisoning.
  • IV Hydration Package: This formula contains hydration as well as vitamins B and C. Taurine is included to maintain your electrolyte balance.
  • Cold & Flu IV Drip: With zinc, glutathione, vitamins and medications to address fever, pain, nausea and headaches, we created this formula to help address common flu and cold symptoms.
  • Morning Sickness IV Drip Package: Morning sickness is a misnomer. The hormonal changes which cause it can create symptoms all day. This package contains the vitamins, hydration and other ingredients you may be losing.
  • Hangover IV Drip Package: This formula replaces hydration fast and contains anti-nausea medicine, antacid medication and even pain medication for the pain and queasiness of hangovers. Vitamins and nutrients are also included.
  • MIVM Cocktail IV Drip Package: This customizable formula has hydration and vitamins, but our nurses can help you address your specific concerns with the additions you need.
  • Jet Lag IV Drip Package: This IV drip is designed to replace hydration fast and also contains anti-nausea medication and anti-inflammatory medication as well as nutrients and vitamins.
  • Energy & Focus IV Drip Package: This formula is packed with hydration and vitamins, offering a faster hydration option than energy drinks.
  • Recovery IV Drip Package: This formula includes hydration and is designed to help you recover from the physical stress your body experiences with heavy sports events or even illness.
  • Migraine & Headache IV Drip Package: Designed with anti-pain medication and anti-nausea formula for the queasiness many migraine sufferers face, this package also includes hydration and vitamins.
  • Beauty IV Drip Package: Beauty is reliant on your health, which is why this antioxidant and anti-inflammatory formula contains vitamins, minerals and hydration.
  • Nausea IV Drip Package: With vomiting often comes dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and a loss of nutrients, which is why this anti-nausea formula is designed with hydration and vitamins.
  • HER IV Package: With magnesium, vitamins, hydration and anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications, this package was created to ease PMS symptoms.
  • NAD+ IV Drip Package: NAD+ is a small molecule that is important for DNA and cell health. Our mobile IV therapy delivers NAD+ along with hydration.
  • Weight Loss IV Drip: With hydration, nutrients and vitamins, this formula is ideal for those who have been working out and reducing their food intake.

Miami to West Palm Beach – We Have You Covered!

In 2020, Mobile IV Medics expanded to Florida, although we still offer our services in California as well. Like California, Florida has beaches as well as a strong tourism industry, and our team saw a chance to serve a similar market. We don’t serve the entire state quite yet, but we plan to in the near future! We currently service:

When you call Mobile IV Medics in Florida, you can book a convenient time for your IV hydration drip. Your IV is administered by a nurse who can come to your home, office or hotel room.

Our team of nurses and paramedics in Florida offers concierge-level service. Not only do we customize your packages to your specific needs and health concerns, but we also take care to answer your questions and make sure the process is as painless as possible. Our friendly and compassionate team is passionate about your health, and we’ll take excellent care of you.

Our Most Common Patients in Florida

There are many patients who call on Mobile IV Medics on a regular basis:

  • Tourists and residents who have spent time on the beach on vacation or golfing, hiking, biking, fishing or taking part in other activities and who need a little extra boost of hydration.
  • Local residents who turn to us for symptoms of the flu, PMS, morning sickness, colds, food poisoning, migraines and other ailments.
  • Water-lovers who need something for nausea and seasickness caused by fishing or boat charters.
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties who arrive in Florida and need some help the morning after to deal with hangovers before traveling back home.
  • Sunbathers and those who spend the day at Lake Worth or on the beach and who may be dehydrated or in need of some help with a headache.

Schedule Your IV Online Now!

Mobile IV Medics makes getting a Florida IV drip for your symptoms easy, even if you’ve never liked needles! All you need to do is select the right package for you or contact our team at Mobile IV Medics if you need help choosing the right formula. You can book your appointment online or by phone and a nurse will call you to medically clear you. A registered nurse will come to you to administer your chosen IV therapy.

We can even customize formulas and arrive at your home, office or hotel room depending on where life takes you. Schedule an appointment today or contact our team if you have any questions.