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A day at the beach, a hike, a game of beach volleyball, a barbecue, a boating trip — just about any outdoor activity can lead to a serious sunburn.
The pain and discomfort of a sunburn can put a damper on your day, but it doesn’t have to.
Our Mobile IV Medics Sunburn IV Therapy drip will help relieve some symptoms and get you back to feeling your best.



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What Is a Sunburn?

Sunburn happens when UV rays from the sun damage the skin. Free radicals are created in the body when you get a sunburn, which is one reason why tissue damage and skin damage occur.

Most atomic orbitals have two electrons. Free radicals are atoms with an odd number of electrons, making them unstable. Free radicals cause a chain reaction because they seek to give or remove molecules to other electrons, causing electrons around them to become unstable. Some free radicals in the body are natural, but too many of them can impact cell membranes, proteins and DNA, causing cell damage.

During a sunburn, your body experiences:

  • Dehydration: We all experience loss of moisture through sweat, exhalation and other natural body processes. When we are overexposed to the sun, we may not be replacing fluids quickly enough to account for the loss of hydration in our bodies.
  • Creation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals: The UVB and UVA rays from the sun cause the production of thymine-thymine cyclobutane dimers in our bodies, which damages our DNA. To protect us, our bodies release reactive oxygen species and other inflammatory markers.
  • Inflammation: As the body releases inflammatory markers and blood vessels dilate, blood flow improves and immune cells can move to the skin. This process helps address the damage being done, but it also causes the inflammation, redness, and pain of a sunburn not to mention it leads to substantial dehydration.
  • Pain: As the body releases inflammatory markers, they enhance heat sensitivity. As the body tries to repair the damage of UV rays, nerve fibers can be activated, which causes a pain response.
  • Skin damage: Some skin tissue will peel if it cannot be repaired. Severe sunburns can also cause blistering and long-term damage, including an increased risk of skin cancer.



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How IV Therapy for Sunburn Helps

Our Mobile IV Medics Sunburn IV Therapy drip is designed to deliver vitamins and medications directly into your bloodstream. You’ll enjoy a range of benefits.


Our Mobile IV Medics Sunburn IV Therapy drip includes sterile saline solution made from water, sodium chloride and electrolytes. Just like the IV fluid you get in a hospital, it is designed to replace fluids in your body quickly.

Antioxidant Neutralization of Free Radicals

Other ingredients target the effects of free radicals. These include:

  • Vitamin C: This antioxidant vitamin is known for its immune-boosting qualities. It may be able to reduce irritation and inflammation in skin tissue.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione is a molecule that can reduce your body’s ability to create inflammatory molecules, helping to alleviate pain.
  • B-vitamins: B vitamins can boost white blood cell production, which can improve overall feelings of well-being.


Anti-Inflammatory Medicine

We can enhance your IV therapy with medication to treat inflammatory responses that cause pain. The Mobile IV Medics Sunburn IV Therapy drip also contains vitamins and nutrients which help target inflammation, a key issue with sunburns.

In addition to vitamin C and glutathione, this treatment includes vitamin D. This vitamin can rein in the body’s inflammatory processes and defenses. Studies have shown that when test subjects took high dose vitamin D an hour after sun exposure, they suffered less inflammation and redness when compared with study participants not taking the vitamin.

Pain Relief

Anti-inflammatory medicines target the root of your pain — the reaction your body has to damage. The Mobile IV Medics Sunburn IV Therapy drip also contains magnesium, which may target N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors to reduce pain.

Skin Repair

The Mobile IV Medics Sunburn IV Therapy drip contains vitamins and nutrients to help address the tissue and skin damage a sunburn can cause, including:

  • Vitamin C: This multitasking vitamin can neutralize free radicals. It’s a trusted ingredient in many skin care regimens for its antioxidant properties.
  • Zinc: Zinc is a micronutrient that aids in cell membrane repair and cell growth as well as immune system health. It has been studied as an important component of the skin’s healing process, particularly in relation to burns.
  • Vitamin D: Some studies have shown that vitamin D can activate skin repair genes, including arginase-1.



Schedule Your Sunburn IV Therapy Today

The best way to prevent the burn and redness of a sunburn is to wear sunscreen and limit your sun exposure. If you’ve already overdone it in the sun, though, Mobile IV Medics can help you find relief. Mobile IV Medics Sunburn IV is a fast, effective way to help you address the ache of a sunburn and get back to enjoying your day.

Mobile IV Medics offers an in-home service in the following states:

Our registered nurses can arrive at your home, hotel or office to administer your IV therapy. There’s no need for you to wait in a clinic or waiting room in discomfort. We can even add extra ingredients to your IV therapy drip to target specific symptoms.

If your plans have gone awry and now your skin is red, peeling and blistered, book your hydration IV therapy today. Feel free to give us a call or start a live chat if you have any questions.


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