While there’s no shortage of Halloween festivities in the Golden State, which Halloween events in Los Angeles and Hollywood are the most spooktacular? Below, you’ll learn where to find the best Halloween parties in Los Angeles and Hollywood to make this spooky season memorable. Discover where to celebrate Halloween in LA and Hollywood and how to bounce back after a long Halloweekend.

Best Halloween Parties in LA

Check out these top Halloween parties in Los Angeles:

Voodoo Halloween Dance Party

Are you searching for the scariest, most fun Halloween dance party this year? Look no further than the Voodoo Halloween Dance Party. Held at Don Quixote, this Halloween bash features music by some of the city’s hottest DJs. You’ll get to dance the night away to the rhythms of Afrobeats, hip hop, reggae, RnB and more.

Rooftop Tower of Terror Party

One of Hollywood’s most iconic venues gets a haunted makeover this Halloween for the Rooftop Tower of Terror Party at the W Hollywood Hotel. The hotel has transformed into a spectacle of horror and invites guests to come in costume for a night of frightful sounds and skyline views. Partygoers will enjoy a rooftop bar, live DJs and ghoulish fun at this terrifying event.

Safari Halloween Costume Party

This spine-chilling costume party at the Treehouse Rooftop Lounge promises a wild Halloween night for all attendees. The Safari Halloween Costume Party offers indoor and outdoor spaces to dance, eat, drink and have a hauntingly good time. If you arrive before 11 p.m., you will get into this spooky celebration without paying a cover fee.

Trick or Drink Halloween Bar Crawl

Don’t choose just one wicked L.A. venue this Halloween — go on a creepy bar crawl around the city! Trick or Drink is a 3-day bar crawl event featuring some of the best drink specials at the most hair-raising bars around. Your wristband for the event will get you into each participating bar with no cover fee and certain drink deals.

Best Halloween Parties in Hollywood

If you’re in Hollywood this spooky season, check out these thrilling Halloween parties:

Hollywood Monster Night

Hollywood Monster Night

Each year, Hollywood Monster Night hosts the most over-the-top Halloween party you can imagine at Sunset Room Hollywood. This monster of all parties boasts four DJs, three bars, live performances, costume contests and more. Wear your most fabulous Halloween costume and try to win a prize for the scariest, sexiest or best overall costume of the party.

Halloween at Skybar

Skybar at the Mondrian puts on one of the most bone-chilling Halloween parties in the area, featuring festive music and frighteningly good times. This open-air, ivy-covered pavilion perched above the Pool at the Mondrian serves as the perfect venue for a smashing Halloween party. You’ll have a blast dancing long into the night at this ghostly gathering of guys and ghouls.

Haunt Massive

As the most anticipated Halloween party in Hollywood, Haunt Massive delivers a spooktacular event like none other. See the Avalon Night Club get converted into a haunted world beyond your wildest dreams — or nightmares — as you explore the venue’s five themed areas and dance the night away. Costumes are highly encouraged for this eerie event but not mandatory.

Hollywood Halloween Club Crawl

Dance at all of the city’s best spooky party scenes in one night by going on the Hollywood Halloween Club Crawl. This costumed club crawl will guide you through various nightclubs and bars, each with a special themed Halloween event. When you sign up for the club crawl, you’ll get to skip the lines at each party you go to and enjoy discounted drinks at select venues.

What to Do After a Halloween Party

As one of the biggest drinking nights of the year, Halloween often leads to a haunting hangover. If you wake up the morning after Halloween feeling more zombie than human, you need a hangover cure — fast. Luckily, a hangover IV treatment can help give you relief from your hangover symptoms quickly and effectively.

Hangovers occur when your body struggles to break down and eliminate toxins due to alcohol, resulting in unpleasant side effects like dehydration, headaches, fatigue and nausea. While most hangovers last between 24 and 72 hours, you don’t have to spend the whole day as a ghost. An IV treatment can help you beat hangover symptoms at the source and bring you back to the land of the living.

What’s in a Hangover IV Package?

hangover iv

The ingredients in a hangover IV package include:

  • IV fluid: Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it can cause severe dehydration. IV fluid can help you feel rehydrated and replenished more quickly by replacing the fluids and electrolytes your body lost the night before.
  • Vitamin B complex: Your body can also lose some of its nutrients due to alcohol, particularly B vitamins. Without enough B vitamins in your system, you can feel fatigued and sluggish. Giving your body a vitamin B complex supplement can give you the energy you need to take on the day.
  • Vitamin B12: In addition to vitamin B complex, you may need some extra vitamin B12 to get your energy levels back up. Including vitamin B12 in your IV package can help you feel more alert and ready to go.
  • Glutathione: While glutathione breaks down the alcohol byproduct acetaldehyde, your body can quickly run out of glutathione during a long night of drinking. Replenishing your body’s glutathione store can help speed up your hangover recovery and may alleviate pain symptoms, headaches and other body aches.
  • Anti-nausea and vomiting medicine: This medicine can help reduce any nausea and vomiting that may accompany your hangover.
  • Anti-heartburn and reflux medicine: Alcohol irritates the stomach, leading to an increase in gastric acid and discomfort. Anti-heartburn and reflux medicine may help keep these unpleasant hangover symptoms to a minimum.
  • Anti-inflammatory, headache and pain medicine: This medicine can help reduce any generalized pain you may have so that you can get through your day smoothly.
Receive Your Hangover IV Treatment From Mobile IV Medics

Receive Your Hangover IV Treatment From Mobile IV Medics

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