The morning after your last day at a music festival might have you thinking your life will never be the same. You’re probably right — after 72 hours of standing in the sun, enjoying your favorite headliners and making memories with new and old friends, weekend-long music festivals can take a toll on anyone.

Whether you’re a veteran festival-goer or it’s your first time, a festival hangover never gets easier, but understanding what your body needs afterward can ease your road to recovery.

Post-Festival Recovery

Packing up your camp or cleaning up your hotel room always gives you a moment to reflect on how incredible your weekend was. It also gives you a chance to clear your head and remember the life you’re returning to.

Tips for Returning to Normal Life

Your return to work will probably include chatting with co-workers about your incredible experience at the music festival, but it can also be overwhelming having to accomplish tasks you may have put off before your vacation. Here are some ways to minimize any exhaustion you might experience.

  • Take things one day at a time: It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re planning your schedule for the week after the festival. You’ve just spent three days surrounded by hundreds — or even thousands — of people with complete freedom from responsibilities. See how you feel when you wake up, then plan your day accordingly.
  • Ease into your routine: Listening to your body’s needs and capabilities and slowly returning to your previous schedule can help bridge the transition. Rushing back to the gym a day after your return or going to happy hour with your friends may be too much at first, so don’t force yourself to do anything you’re not ready for.
  • Do things that make you happy: After a highly anticipated event, a return to reality can feel like a bit of a letdown. It might take you a few days to get back in the swing of things. Be sure to build in some time to relax and do enjoyable activities.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself: You’ve just returned from a weekend in music festival paradise! Don’t give yourself high expectations that cause burnout and exhaustion.
Recovery Recommendations

Recovery Recommendations

Tips for transitioning back into reality are only half the equation for post-festival recovery. With all the time spent walking back and forth across the festival grounds in the hot sun, you may find yourself exhausted and dehydrated. A festival hangover can be several orders of magnitude worse than a typical hangover. Instead of one indulgent night out, you may have gone through three to five consecutive days of dancing and drinking for hours on end. It’s critical to recognize what you’ve put yourself through and take steps to recover accordingly.

  • Sleep: Rest and relaxation are first on the list of things your body needs to bounce back from a music festival. You just spent your weekend walking several miles per day and dancing the night away. If you did the festival right, you almost surely didn’t get enough rest. Now, you have to make up for lost sleep so your muscles can recuperate and you can return to your usual self. If you can spend the entire next day resting and napping, so much the better. However, you probably have responsibilities that will force you to get up early. After returning home from your festival, we recommend getting somewhere between nine to 10 hours of restful, high-quality sleep for the following few days.
  • Rehydrate: Most people already have the bad habit of not drinking enough water, but if there’s ever a time to chug water, it’s post-festival. Your body consists of 70% water. When you’re standing and dancing for several consecutive days — especially in the blazing sun — you’ll deplete most of your body’s reserves of water, and you must replace it. Hydration is a game-changer for accelerating your festival hangover recovery.
  • Eat: When you’re at a festival, you’re there for the live music, and you don’t want to miss a moment of your favorite bands’ performances. On a day of back-to-back concerts with no breaks in the schedule, you might forget to eat, which only exacerbates your festival hangover. After a weekend of grabbing quick snacks from food trucks and scarfing them down on the go, it’s vital to make up for all the nutrition and vitamins you’ve deprived your body of. Eating some of your favorite feel-better foods will restore energy and make you happy. Poultry, dairy, leafy greens and even whole-grain bread are proven mood boosters.
  • Supplement: Some vitamins will give you the upper hand in fighting your festival hangover. Vitamin B complex is many people’s trusty hangover helper, significantly reducing symptoms associated with overdoing it. Vitamin C is beneficial from an everyday standpoint too, including antiviral and antihistamine effects. Vitamin C will strengthen your immune system at the fest and will continue to benefit your health when taken afterward. For rapid delivery of supplements, IV drip packages are growing in popularity to aid in hangover recovery — especially in such a severe case as a festival hangover.

IV Drip Therapy

One of the most remarkable benefits of IV drip therapy for overcoming a festival hangover is that it provides solutions for multiple recovery recommendations. The primary ingredient in any IV bag is IV solution, a mixture of salt and water. Administering this fluid directly to your bloodstream provides immediate hydration and energy. Most IV packages formulated for hangovers contain B6, which can alleviate symptoms like nausea.

IV package ingredients range among different IV providers. However, a go-to treatment is the Myers’ Cocktail, a package developed by Dr. John Myers as an effective therapy to maintain wellness and treat acute or chronic illnesses and diseases with consistent administration.

At Mobile IV Medics, we’ve revamped this formula into our MIVM Cocktail. This IV package is our gold standard of treatments, aiding your music festival hangover recovery. You’ll love the convenience of scheduling this treatment from Mobile IV Medics. You don’t need to leave your home or hotel room to receive it — we will come to you. Schedule a visit with one of our certified health professionals to visit wherever you are staying to receive the IV drip therapy. Even in a hotel room, we offer quick relief from your festival hangover symptoms through this multi-ingredient formula.

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Overcoming a Festival Hangover With Mobile IV Treatments

Enjoy your music festival to the maximum, knowing our MIVM Cocktail IV package can provide nearly instant post-festival recovery. 

If you’ve overdone it at a music fest and would like to receive a convenient, comfortable treatment, our IV drip therapy is a safe, effective and painless solution to offer immediate relief. Our team serves clients in California, ColoradoFlorida, Georgia, Nevada and Texas. Contact us to request an appointment now!