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Keeping up with your health can get difficult at times in today’s fast-paced world. But when we don’t take care of ourselves, we open up the floodgates for health concerns, so what’s the best way to stay healthy in Alpharetta, GA?

Mobile IV Medics offers mobile IV therapy that brings advanced medical technology and refreshing blends straight to you. 

Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from living a healthy life. Book your mobile IV treatment today.

IV Treatment Options

Why Choose Mobile IV Medics In Alpharetta?

Mobile IV Medics makes getting IV therapy in Alpharetta a breeze. Here’s how we stand out from the traditional IV experience: 

  • Shorter Treatment Timelines: Your IV therapy session brings rejuvenating effects in just 45-60 minutes, so you don’t have to take too much time out of your day. 
  • Convenient Services: Our trained RNs can be at your Alpharetta home, office, or hotel room within an hour for timely and convenient mobile IV therapy. 
  • Flexible Business Hours: Mobile IV Medics offers treatments seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM. Whether you prefer morning, afternoon, or evening treatment, we have you covered. 
  • We Tackle Most Symptoms: From athletes who need post-exercise recovery treatments to busy office workers looking to supplement their nutrition, we serve everyone in Alpharetta, GA. 
  • Expert Advice: Our experts at Mobile IV Medics can walk you through the different options available if you’re not sure where to start.

No, we’re not too good to be true. Schedule your mobile IV therapy with Mobile IV Medics and feel the Mobile IV Medics difference for yourself. 

What Conditions Does Our Mobile IV Address?

As mentioned, we see all types of people in Alpharetta, GA. Everyone has different needs and our drips address symptoms such as:


  • Dehydration: Our IV Hydration Package helps you hydrate your body after an intense training session or if you’re dealing with illness.
  • Nutrient Deficiencies: IV therapy can deliver essential vitamins and minerals straight to the bloodstream so that your body can begin replenishing low vitamin levels instantly. 
  • Compromised Immune System: If you’ve fallen ill, our mobile IV treatments can help your body recover quicker with essential nutrients. 
  • Hangover Relief: IV hydration is the best way to recover from a hangover after a night out in Alpharetta, GA


Get ready to feel your best again with mobile IV therapy from Mobile IV Medics. 

Discrete, Easy, and Affordable IV Therapy in Atlanta

We’ve made getting mobile IV therapy in your area safe, convenient, and affordable. Each package we offer includes all fees, from driving to your home and customizing your treatment add-ons to ensure you get the nutrients, fluids, and medications appropriate for your symptoms. While we offer a full menu of IV therapy options, custom IVs are also available to meet your specific needs. 

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Weight Loss IV Therapy Alpharetta

If you’re looking for an effective way to supplement your weight loss endeavors, our IV therapy options in Alpharetta are a great addition to your regimen. Mobile IV treatments bypass the digestive system for a more concentrated impact. 


Here is how our mobile IV weight loss drip can help you reach your goals: 

  • Enhance Your Vitamin Levels And Aid Absorption: Our weight loss drip supplies ample doses of vital nutrients that help optimize your body’s functions.
  • Quicker Recovery After Workouts: Staying on top of your workouts is the best way to stay on track when it comes to weight loss. Our mobile IV fuels your body and helps prevent overexertion so you can keep training. 
  • Supports The Adrenal Gland: A healthy adrenal gland means a healthy metabolism. Our IV therapy helps maintain proper adrenal gland health.
  • Get Better Sleep: Sleep is crucial to your weight loss efforts. Our mobile IV drips give your body the vitamins it needs to repair itself during sleep and help you feel rested and rejuvenated.


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Regardless of the preventive measures you take, avoiding the germs of flu season can be challenging. Healthy eating, exercise, and vaccines are all great places to start for better health. Try adding our immune boost IV to your list for instant relief this year.

Hydration is critical for feeling better, as it flushes out viruses and strengthens your body and own immune system in response. Vitamins and minerals — especially vitamin C — help keep inflammation and infections at bay while boosting white blood cells to slow virus replication.

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Things To Do In Alpharetta, GA

Just 22 miles north of Atlanta, Alpharetta, GA, is the ultimate destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment. You’ll want to schedule your IV therapy ASAP so you can enjoy the over 250 shops and 200+ restaurants this vibrant city has to offer. 

If you’re into music, Alpharetta offers year-round live music at both indoor and outdoor venues. You can also treat your creative side to immersive art displays and an array of art-centered activities. 

For sports enthusiasts, Alpharetta, GA, is home to Wills Park, a fun, challenging disc golf course popular among locals and visitors alike. Make sure you hydrate before and after with IV hydration therapy so you can show them what you’re made of. 


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How To Schedule Mobile IV In Alpharetta

If you’re ready to book your IV therapy treatment in Alpharetta but don’t know how to start, Mobile IV Medics takes the hassle out of the scheduling process.


    • Select And Customize Your Mobile IV Treatment: Browse our expertly crafted IV drips online and choose the ones that match your needs. You can even add additional vitamins and nutrients to your IV package, starting at just $20 per addition. 
  • Book At Your Convenience: Choose a day and time that works for you. Mobile IV Medics is available seven days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM to fit any schedule. 
  • Sit Back And Relax: Once you book, one of our nurses will come to your Alpharetta location. Before your appointment, they will contact you to ensure medical clearance for your treatment.
  • Feel Relief: Once our nurse arrives at your Alpharetta location, they will administer your chosen IV therapy package and you can begin to feel the benefits right away.

The process is as easy as these four steps. Reach out today and get scheduled for a quick, relieving, and safe mobile IV treatment.

Find IV Therapy Near Me In Alpharetta, GA

Our mobile IV therapy in Alpharetta is the best way to experience intravenous drips. We are physician-owned and operated and offer only high-end, safe IV treatments that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel. 


Schedule your session today or contact us for more information about our IV packages. 


Mobile IV Medics: Georgia Reviews

Really great service and enjoyable company while it was being done! Quick response to the appointment request. Highly recommend.

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Bethany L., Atlanta, GA

Best service ever!! Nurse Andrea was very professional and caring. Very relaxing experience. If I needed service again I wouldn’t even think twice..highly recommend for anyone in need.

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Luigy G., Atlanta, GA

Same day service, great communication and Christopher was an excellent representative for the company. I felt at ease the entire time and felt so much better after my therapy.

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Cameron B., Atlanta, GA

Andrea was amazing. Very professional and thorough. She discussed the process the whole way through and followed up to see how I was doing. Would do again for sure!

[Read More]
S Spicer, Atlanta, GA

I’m from Mississippi and I had Andrea come to my hotel . She knew exactly what she was doing . I love how she cleaned and wiped all her surface area down before and after . she was great and I would highly recommend her again

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Crystal S., Atlanta, GA

Came down with a really bad stomach flu. Felt so dehydrated that my body was going numb. Don’t have insurance for the ER so I booked an appointment online (make sure you reply to the text they send you) and within 30-45 minutes a nurse was at my house. Andrea was my nurse and she was amazing. Very friendly, took what I needed into consideration for my health. It saved my life I feel. $200+ versus a huge ER bill? Definitely go with these guys. Thanks Andrea!!

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Mark L., Atlanta, GA

This was my second time using the service and I would definitely recommend. Nurse Andrea was professional and made me feel extremely comfortable! She made the experience worth my time and has gained a loyal client because of her excellent caregiver skills! Thank you for helping me feel better!

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Stacy J., Atlanta, GA

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