NAD IV Therapy

Are you looking for a reliable way to experience NAD IV in Houston? 

Mobile IV Medics offers convenient and high-quality NAD IV treatment directly to your home, office, or hotel room in the Houston area. 

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What Is NAD IV?

NAD IV offers a new way to reach your health goals using the advancements of holistic healing. NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential coenzyme in all living cells. The goal of NAD IV treatment is to help facilitate cell repair, stimulate regeneration, elevate energy levels, and enhance cognitive functions through intravenous administration. 

NAD IV’s therapeutic benefits contribute to its increased popularity. NAD is used for treating chronic conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and chronic fatigue. NAD IV therapy can also help with anti-aging benefits due to its ability to support DNA repair functions and enhance cellular metabolism.

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Our Mobile NAD IV Package

Mobile NAD IV brings rejuvenating benefits that can help enhance your metabolism, preserve cognitive functions, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases using a combination of:

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  • Hydrating IV Fluid: Our NAD IV package provides your body with essential nutrients like electrolytes, sodium, and sugar. If you want a more personalized hydration experience, you can add in dextrose or Lactated Ringer’s.
  • NAD+: NAD+ is vital to transporting electrons between reactors, supporting your cells’ mitochondria in performing metabolic functions that turn food into energy. 

NAD IV Houston Add-Ins

When your NAD levels are low, it can be hard to feel energized. Our NAD IV drips can help replenish your levels to the proper levels and with the right add-ons, can help you treat other conditions: 

Our selection of NAD IV add-ons includes:

  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Glutathione
  • Magnesium
  • MIC
  • Taurine
  • Zinc
  • Amino blend
  • LIPO
  • Tri-immune boost
  • Biotin
  • Various medications
  • Additional NAD+

The Benefits Of NAD IV

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Booking a NAD IV drip session with Mobile IV Medics brings more than just hydration benefits. You’ll also enjoy things like: 

  • Healthy Aging And Neuroprotection: There have been studies that show NAD+ is a promising step toward preventing age-related disorders through the preservation of metabolic functions and supporting DNA repair.
  • Lessened Withdrawal Symptoms And Cravings: Decreased NAD+ levels are closely associated with addiction and can impact your cellular function. By elevating NAD+ levels with IV treatment, you can counteract biochemical processes that contribute to addiction.
  • Enhanced Metabolic Functions: NAD+ can help mitigate the effects of metabolic syndrome and help treat conditions like insulin resistance, and hypertension, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. 
  • Better Kidney Function: Replenishing your NAD+ levels can help improve kidney function and prevent conditions like acute kidney injury and mesangial cell hypertrophy.
  • Increased Muscle Function: NAD+ can help enhance muscular functions and treat conditions like muscular dystrophy. 
  • Increased Energy Levels: NAD+ is imperative to proper mitochondrial energy production and can help increase alertness and support healthy energy levels throughout the day. 
  • Heightened Cognitive And Sensory Functions: Healthy NAD+ levels have been shown to safeguard neurons for increased cognitive function while contributing to the prevention of vision and hearing loss.

How Much Does Mobile NAD IV In Houston Cost?

Our NAD IV therapy package comes at a competitive cost of just $749. This covers the customization of your IV package, and the trip to your Houston home, office, or hotel. The cost also covers the professional and safe administration of this treatment by a registered nurse.

For an additional $20 per add-in, you can also add more nutrients to your package for a personalized approach to your health needs. Check our out selection of add-ons today.

Why Choose Mobile IV Medics For Your NAD IV Treatment

Our mobile IV therapy brings the benefits of NAD to Houston and the surrounding areas. When you book a session with Mobile IV Medics, you can expect unique benefits like:  

  • Convenient Treatments: If you’re worried about your NAD treatment taking up your day, we have you covered. Our NAD IV drips are typically administered in just a few hours, so you don’t need to take an entire day off for treatment. 
  • Expertly Crafted Formulas: Mobile IV Medics is a physician-owned and operated business. This means you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting only the highest quality ingredients in your drips, along with safe and expert administration by qualified RNs.

How To Get The Most From NAD IV Drips

Getting IV therapy should be as hassle-free as possible. Enjoying mobile NAD IV with Mobile IV Medics is as simple as:

  • Customizing Your NAD+ IV Treatment: We offer a wide selection of NAD IV add-ins you can add to your treatment that can help with certain conditions. If you’re not sure what the best combination of add-ins is for your needs, speak to one of our experts today. 

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