Atlanta is a major city bursting with southern charm, extensive history and wonderful residents. It’s the perfect destination for anyone to visit and experience what the ATL is all about. Atlanta is exciting for any adults who enjoy the nightlife scene and are ready to explore bars and clubs in the city.

This destination is a must-visit whether you’re close to the city or are traveling from out of town. Check out some of the best things to do in Atlanta during your stay, like visiting the best bars and nightlife clubs the city has to offer. This city provides atmospheres and vibes you won’t forget after your trip. 

Things to Do in Atlanta

Atlanta is a beautiful city to explore during the daytime and even more amazing to experience at night. The city comes to life with lively lounges, bars and clubs scattered around the city. Atlanta is known as the capital of hip hop, and it’s prevalent throughout the nightlife culture. You’ll find famous DJs, unique cocktail bars, neighborhood pubs and lively rooftop bars where you can enjoy a tasty cocktail.

Check out all of the best bars and nightlife you should experience in Atlanta when the sun goes down. You might find your next favorite location.

Best Clubs in Atlanta

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If you’re into hip hop or rap, you’ve probably heard Atlanta referenced as a major party spot with some of the best clubs in the U.S. The city is bursting with places where you can dance, enjoy a drink or mingle with others while listening to great music. Check out some of these clubs the next time you’re visiting Atlanta.

Gold Room

The Gold Room is a popular Atlanta club with a unique backstory. This club was once a strip club with mafia ties in the 1990s. It was later transformed into the well-known Gold Room and is a staple in the Atlanta nightlife culture. Enjoy the party or reserve a table and fully experience what nightlife in Atlanta is all about at the Gold Room.

MJQ Concourse

If you want to lose yourself in the music and dance the night away, MJQ Concourse is a must-visit venue while you’re in Atlanta. This is one of the most popular clubs in the city and for good reason. Enjoy music from talented DJs and get ready to groove at the MJQ Concourse.

The Basement

Visit the former Graveyard Tavern’s lower level for a fun and lively club known as The Basement, which is still operating despite the Tavern’s closure. You’ll enjoy dance parties and great music when you visit this Atlanta nightclub. 


Bust out your Latin dance skills at the Sanctuary nightclub in Atlanta. This Latin club is one of the longest-running locations for Latin dancing. Dance to lively bachata, salsa, reggaeton, Latin pop and more genres. 

Havana Club

Check out the Havana Club, where you can enjoy the main room with traditional club music or the Latin room with various Latin music styles. This is the ultimate party destination with bottle service options, table reservations and more. 


Get the best party experience at District in Atlanta. With lights, great music and lasers, this place offers the perfect atmosphere to let loose and dance the night away. The District has outdoor spaces where you can enjoy the fresh air and get right back to enjoying the night at the club.


Check out Revel on your trip to Atlanta if you want to experience a memorable night of dancing and hip-hop music. You can catch performances from famous hip-hop artists and enjoy the stellar vibes from the gold chandeliers and unique geometric designs throughout the venue. 

Suite Food Lounge

While Suite Food Lounge does offer a tasty menu, this lounge offers the perfect atmosphere for your next night out in Atlanta. This venue provides various spaces for enjoying cocktails, delicious food and lively music. 

Best Bars in Atlanta

Best Bars in Atlanta

If you’re more into the laid-back night-out scene rather than the party atmosphere of the club, check out some of Atlanta’s best bars. This list provides a mixture of bar scenes from pubs to cocktail bars. All of these bars will provide great drinks and even better vibes on your night out in Atlanta.

M Bar

If you’re looking for a cocktail bar that provides elegant and lively vibes, check out the M Bar. This cocktail bar offers a space where you can sit back and enjoy drinks while chatting with friends, smoking hookah or dancing to great music. 

Northside Tavern

Visit the iconic Northside Tavern on your trip to Atlanta. This older building looks like a dive bar, but it’s been voted the best in the city. It’s the perfect place to grab a drink and get the best Atlanta experience, all while listening to live music at this famous blues destination. 

Eddie’s Attic

Check out Eddie’s Attic if you want to listen to great live music from local talent. This bar is known for its live music and offers competitive open mic nights for singers and performers. 

St. Regis Bar at St. Regis Atlanta

If you’re looking for a cocktail bar with tasty martinis, look no further than the St. Regis Bar at St. Regis Atlanta. This luxurious hotel bar provides the best atmosphere to enjoy a well-crafted beverage surrounded by immaculate decor. This bar is the city’s most prominent location for business transactions because of the atmosphere and esteem.

Little Trouble

Check out Little Trouble in Atlanta to experience this bar’s edgy vibes and futuristic decor. Little Trouble offers an Asian-inspired menu with sake, Japanese spirits and other cocktails. You can also munch on food like bao, eggrolls, dumplings and more. This is the perfect bar if you’re looking for a unique location to try new drinks and explore other parts of Atlanta. 

Smith’s Olde Bar

Another must-visit music venue and bar in Atlanta is Smith’s Olde Bar. Enjoy a drink and live music at this intimate bar on your trip to the ATL.

Manuel’s Tavern

Visit the popular Atlanta neighborhood bar Manuel’s Tavern for an easy night out in the city. The atmosphere is simple and laid back, so you can order a basic well drink or pint of beer and have a great time.

Leon’s Full Service

Leon’s Full Service is the perfect spot for a drink if you’re searching for a unique pub in Atlanta. This bar is located in a former gas station and offers great drinks, local beers and wines.

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