The beautiful state of California has so much to do and see, both for tourists and for lifelong residents. There’s always something new to explore, and you’ll want to be feeling your best so you can enjoy every moment. If you’re experiencing minor uncomfortable symptoms from a cold, headache, sports overexertion or hangover, you probably don’t want to deal with the hassle of an emergency room or urgent care clinic. You do want to feel better fast — and that’s where intravenous (IV) fluid administration comes in. 

With mobile IV services, you can have a registered nurse stop by and give you nutrient-packed IV fluids in the comfort of your home — even the comfort of your bed. Two primary types of IV therapy exist drip therapy and the faster, more intensive push therapy. Mobile IV Medics provides several drip therapy options for a controlled, comfortable infusion of fluids. You’ll avoid a lengthy emergency room trip while getting quick, convenient relief. Below are a few common reasons for IV therapy Californians might experience:

1. Dehydration After Playing Too Hard

Californians know their state offers ample opportunity to enjoy physical activity in the great outdoors. Whether it’s surfing or scuba diving in the Pacific waves, playing volleyball on the beach, hiking, kayaking or skiing and snowboarding in the winter, California’s activities provide something for just about everyone to enjoy.

If you exert yourself too much or get a little too much sun, you can easily get dehydrated. You’ll likely feel dizzy, weak and fatigued, and drinking water may not provide immediate relief. Fortunately, convenient home IV therapy can quickly help you start feeling better. The IV drip will contain a carefully selected blend of vitamins, nutrients, fluids and antioxidants to get your body refreshed in no time.

2. A Little Too Much to Drink

When you’re enjoying the California sun, it’s nice to crack open a cold beverage to go with it. Sipping wine by the pool, partying at a live show or celebrating a milestone with a gorgeous ocean sunset and some champagne can be the perfect ending to a long, hard day or week. 

If you overdo it a little, you can end up feeling pretty unhappy by morning. And sometimes, the standard hangover cures like greasy comfort food or a few glasses of water aren’t enough to help you feel better. Your body takes up to two hours to process ingested water completely than to start using fluids and nutrients injected directly into a vein. When you’re feeling sluggish, headache, or nauseated because of a hangover, the fluids and electrolytes in an IV drip can restore your body’s natural balance and help your symptoms improve faster.

3. Muscle Cramps

California’s mild weather and beautiful scenery make playing sports a natural way to enjoy the outdoors all year round. If you exert yourself a little too hard on a climbing rock or the soccer field, you can end up with electrolyte imbalances and painful muscle cramps.

An IV drip may be just the thing to help you recover faster and get back onto the field. You’ll want to choose an IV solution with a high concentration of electrolytes and nutrients to restore balance to your body, alleviate your cramps and give you the performance you need to have fun and reach new personal bests.


4. Feeling Under the Weather

Cold and flu season comes for everyone, even in the warm and sunny Golden State. If you catch a virus, you can spend a week or more feeling unwell. Headaches, muscle aches and general exhaustion may have you curled up in bed. Mucus production can sometimes drain fluids from your body and leave you feeling dehydrated and weak, or a fever may elevate the energy and water requirements for your body’s basic metabolic processes.

In these instances, tea or soup may not be enough to make you feel better. And over-the-counter cold and flu remedies are sometimes of little use in relieving symptoms. In-home IV therapy can often help where other home remedies have failed. The fluids and vitamins in the IV package can alleviate some of your symptoms and give your body the energy it needs to start fighting off the illness. Or if you feel an illness coming on, hydrating yourself right away with a cold and flu package can help make some of your symptoms less severe.

5. Jet Lag

If you’re living a fast-paced California lifestyle, you may jet off to exciting locales on the weekends or travel across the country for work. Travel has many rewards, but jet lag sometimes leaves you exhausted and disoriented when you return. To combat the effects of jet lag, you can turn to IV therapy. The fluids and nutrients in each treatment will rejuvenate your body, leaving you refreshed, energetic and up for whatever adventures you have planned next.

6. Needing an Immune System Boost

Your immune system is the extensive network of cells in your body that helps you fight off illness. When antigens — things the body recognizes as foreign — come into contact with special receptors on immune system cells, the body’s immune system springs into action. It fights off the invading germs, sometimes by digesting them with special immune cells or producing antibodies to combat specific germs the body has encountered before.

Certain factors like psychological stress can make your immune system less effective at fighting off germs. Some studies have also shown that poor air quality can have a detrimental effect on the immune system. Ambient air pollutants can enhance maladaptive immune responses while also making your body’s antiviral immune responses less effective. 

Even in laid-back California, life can be challenging. If the stresses of daily freeway driving or obstacles in your personal life are running you ragged, IV therapy can help you keep your immune system in good shape. Or if the air quality has diminished because of fires or smog, you can get a quick IV treatment to help keep your immune system robust. 

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