If you want to switch up your plans and need something to do this Sunday, consider thinking outside of the box. While brunch is a great way to enjoy delicious food and time with your friends, it may become a little less exciting if you do it each weekend.

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Instead, you can plan a fun Sunday activity with your friends that prioritizes your health and well-being. A Sunday with friends can be a great way to recenter yourself and ensure you feel rejuvenated for the week ahead. Check out our list of things to do instead of brunch.

1. Wellness Retreat

While it takes a little bit of planning, a wellness retreat is a fantastic alternative to brunch and a great way to spend your Sunday with friends. The best thing about a wellness retreat is that it can be as simple or as luxurious as you want. You can even host a little wellness retreat session in your own home.

If you are looking for more adventure, you can plan a wellness retreat at a venue. Local venues are ideal for a quick, rejuvenating trip, and destination venues can be great if you and your friends are looking for a little getaway. A wellness retreat allows you and your friends to escape daily life, improve your relationships and connect with friends in a deeper, meaningful way.

Life can be overwhelming and stressful, making it essential you schedule time for yourself to decompress and relax. In addition to relaxing, you can enjoy many rejuvenating activities at a wellness retreat, including exercise classes, yoga sessions, guided meditation, cooking lessons and more.

Benefits of a Wellness Retreat

Wellness tourism or a retreat involves visiting a wellness destination to unwind, decompress and promote a sense of well-being. Wellness retreats can be customized to fit your unique goals. For example, you can book a weekend in a luxury hotel and take advantage of the spa or choose a more down-to-earth retreat.

A nature getaway — whether you want to immerse yourself in camping or go the glamping route — can help you recenter yourself and connect with your friends in a new environment. You can create your own itinerary to make the most of your wellness retreat, or use a pre-planned program from your venue of choice. 

Benefits of a Wellness Retreat

Some of the main benefits of a group wellness retreat include:

  • Improve health: One important aspect of a wellness retreat is it allows you to focus on your health. Daily life can be busy, and we often forget to care for ourselves. On a wellness retreat, you can focus on eating foods that nourish you while attending peaceful and restoring exercise classes.
  • Reduce stress: In addition to physical health, a wellness retreat is all about focusing on your mental health. With daily responsibilities, we seldom give our minds the break it deserves. A wellness retreat allows you to decompress and break the cycle of anxious thinking.
  • Pamper yourself: Everyone deserves pampering and a wellness retreat is perfect for that. You can customize a wellness retreat to include your favorite activities, such as yoga, nature walks, reading, spa treatments and more. A wellness trip with your friends can ensure you return refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to return to daily activities.
  • Decompress in peaceful surroundings: Most wellness retreats are held in beautiful spaces with natural scenery, allowing you to relax with a stunning view. It is much easier to focus on your health and sense of well-being in peaceful, healing surroundings.
  • Strengthen relationships: A wellness retreat with your friends is an excellent way to strengthen your relationships and make lifelong memories. Wellness retreats also allow you to meet new people and make lasting friendships.
  • Switch up your routine: Many times in life, we get stuck in a cycle of work, responsibilities and plans. While all of these things are important, they can cause us to feel rundown over time. A wellness retreat can be a fabulous way to switch up your routine and experience a new adventure.

2. DIY Spa Day

Another great way to treat your mind and body and enjoy a day with friends is a do-it-yourself (DIY) spa day. While you can go to an actual spa if you and your friends prefer, an at-home spa day allows you to luxuriate and spend quality time with your friends right at home.

A DIY spa day lets you and your friends prioritize some relaxation and me time, allowing you to recharge for the week ahead. A day of self-care can help improve your emotional and mental health. 

You and your friends can enjoy manicures, pedicures, face masks, foot masks and more with an at-home spa day. You and your friends can even get creative by making your own face masks or other spa treatments with simple ingredients from the grocery store.

Another benefit of a DIY spa day is it is much less expensive than a traditional spa, so it’s great for a group on a budget or a weekly tradition. Along with self-care treatments, you can serve delicious appetizers, snacks and desserts to enjoy as you relax and chat with your friends.

Benefits of a Spa Day

Benefits of a Spa Day

A spa day allows you and your friends to spend a relaxing day together and bond, ensuring you all get some much-needed rest and rejuvenation. Pamper you and your friends with tasty snacks alongside your rejuvenating treatments. While you may think of a spa day as just a fun way to spend an afternoon, it also provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Improve emotional and mental health: A spa day is a great way to improve your mental and emotional well-being. Spa treatments are an excellent way to reduce overall anxiety and minimize the effects of the daily stressors in your life. A DIY spa day helps renew your spirit and get you ready for your week with clarity and a sense of centeredness. A spa day may even help you feel more energetic and productive during the week.
  • Promote proper sleep: A spa day may even help promote a good night’s sleep and rest. Studies show that reducing your anxiety can help you sleep more soundly or fall asleep quicker. You can use soothing scents like lavender or eucalyptus to relax your mind and body before sleeping.
  • Improve signs of aging: Of course, spa days are excellent at treating your body and skin to some much-needed love and pampering. Facials, serums and creams can do wonders for your skin, ensuring it has the hydration it needs to remain healthy. Spa treatments can also minimize the appearance of blemishes, like acne, dark under-eye bags and other signs of discoloration.

3. Group IV Therapy

Finally, a great brunch alternative is group intravenous (IV) therapy with friends to boost your mood and improve health. IV therapy can provide your body with much-needed vitamins and nutrients. While many people may view IV drips as a solo experience, it can be a great activity for a group of friends.

Group IV treatments help recharge your system with minerals, medications and fluids for proper hydration. Group IV therapy is useful for many situations:

  • Feeling under the weather: If you and your friends aren’t feeling your best, a group IV treatment can offer essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to improve any negative symptoms. Group IV treatments may help improve symptoms of the common cold or flu and even food poisoning. IV treatments can also be customized to improve migraines, nausea and other uncomfortable symptoms.
  • After finishing an athletic event: If you and your friends are planning an athletic event on Saturday, a group IV treatment on Sunday can help you all recover quickly. Group IVs are the perfect way to recover from a soccer game, 5k or other group athletic event. This treatment can restore your energy levels, provide you with nutrition and rehydrate your body, allowing for a faster recovery.
  • Improving your hangover: A night out with cocktails is always a fun time with friends. Unfortunately, it can be easy to overdo a night of drinks with your friends, leading to an uncomfortable recovery day. Fortunately, hangover IV treatments can rehydrate the body and minimize hangover symptoms, leaving you and your friends ready for another day of fun.
  • Looking for a boost: Even if you and your friends are feeling great, a group IV treatment can give you an extra boost to feel your very best. Depending on the IV package, you can choose a treatment that boosts energy, promotes restful sleep and more.

You and your friends can choose from numerous group IV treatments to partake in together, as there is a package for almost any symptom. While there are many treatments to choose from, you can even make your own IV package and choose your favorite combination of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Some of the most popular IV treatments include:

1. Hydration IV Therapy

A hydration IV package is ideal for a simple yet effective IV treatment for rehydration. A Hydration IV treatment can help you and your friends feel refreshed and revitalized, preparing you for the week ahead and meeting all your hydration needs.

A hydration IV package features one of the most basic ingredients — IV fluid, also known as saline solution. Saline solution is a sterile solution made of water, sodium chloride and electrolytes to replace the body’s lost fluids. What’s more? IV hydration methods work more rapidly than drinking water.

2. Weight Loss IV Treatments

If you and your friends are looking to lose a little weight and want to improve your health, exercise and diet program, you may want to consider a weight-loss IV treatment. Weight loss IV therapy can help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

A weight-loss IV package is designed to boost your body’s processing of fat and break it down for energy. When you supply your body with the proper fluids, vitamins and nutrients, it has the building blocks needed to process fat. With a weight loss IV treatment, you can help optimize your body’s vitamin levels and provide your adrenal gland with a boost.

While a weight loss IV treatment is an effective tool on your journey to better health, it is most effective when paired with a nutritious diet and regular exercise routine. 

Beauty IV Therapy

3. Beauty IV Therapy

A beauty IV package can help you and your friends look your very best for a special event or even just a routine wellness and spa day. A beauty IV vitamin treatment contains a special mix of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to enhance your natural beauty and glow. A beauty IV therapy uses:

  • IV fluids: IV fluid provides a high level of hydration for the body, which is essential for various processes. Hydration is especially important to heal chapped or dry skin.
  • Vitamin B complex: A vitamin B complex offers B1, B2, B3, B6 and more to provide the body with essential nutrients.
  • Vitamin B12: Along with a vitamin B complex, a beauty IV package uses vitamin B12 to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. B12 plays a fundamental role in cell production and can help the body reduce inflammation, excess oil, acne and other blemishes.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps your skin remain healthy and strong by promoting your body’s natural collagen production cycle. Collagen activation helps reduce fine lines and keep your hair growing and strong. Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant that helps minimize the risk of free radicals from damaging your skin.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione is one of your body’s most important detoxifying agents and antioxidants. Glutathione helps sustain your overall sense of wellness, remove toxins from the body and promote a glowing, healthy appearance. Low glutathione levels may be more likely to lead to premature aging.
  • Zinc: Zinc helps your body protect, heal and rejuvenate your skin and can also help reduce the creation of damaging free radicals. Zinc may also help reduce inflammation and boost overall immune function.

4. Energy Boost IV Treatments

If you and your friends are looking for a little energy boost, you may want to consider an energy boost IV package, providing you with natural focus and energy. IV therapy can provide mental clarity and recharge your body with essential vitamins, fluids and nutrients.

With a proper energy boost, you are ready to improve other aspects of your life. An energized feeling allows you to sleep peacefully, find the motivation for daily tasks and manage stress more effectively. An energy IV package can also boost your immune system, keeping you healthy.

Energy IV treatments are designed with a specially formulated combination of fluids, antioxidants, electrolytes and vitamins.

5. Myers’ Cocktail IV Package

The Myers’ cocktail IV package is modeled off of the work of Dr. Myers and is designed to help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. While a Myers’ cocktail package is great to boost overall wellness, it may also help alleviate symptoms of certain chronic or acute illnesses with routine administration.

A Myers’ Cocktail IV package offers a powerful combination of nutrients, fluids, vitamins and antioxidants, helping you and your friends feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Dr. Myers first designed this combination to treat various symptoms, including asthma, fatigue and migraines.

Mobile IV Treatments in the Comfort of Your Home

Mobile IV Treatments in the Comfort of Your Home

Mobile IV Medics is a premier IV therapy company that travels to your hotel or home to provide IV treatments. Our IV packages are specially created by our pharmacist and use high-quality antioxidants, medicines, vitamins and nutrients. We have various IV packages to improve all kinds of symptoms and help you feel your best.

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