Whether it’s your first date or a date with your spouse, you always want to impress your partner with a fun activity that deepens your love and appreciation for each other. If you’re tired of the classic dinner-and-a-movie combo, try mixing it up this date night with a memorable, original date idea. Along with being a welcome change of pace, going on a unique date can make it easier to open up and help your relationship grow.

If you’re struggling to come up with something fresh and inspired for your next date, you’re in luck — this ultimate guide to creative date night ideas will supply you with unique activities you and your date will fall head over heels for. Keep reading to learn how to ensure your next date night is a success.

20 Fun Date Ideas

Check out the 20 unique date night ideas below for an unforgettable time together.

Hydration IV

1. Hydration IV

Take the traditional spa day up a notch by booking a hydration IV therapy appointment for you and your date. A hydration IV package contains the base ingredient of IV fluid, also known as saline solution. This nourishing solution mixes hydrating ingredients like electrolytes, water and sodium chloride to quickly restore your body’s fluids.

When you schedule your hydration IV therapy with a mobile IV drip company like Mobile IV Medics, you and your date can receive the treatment wherever you’d like — at home, at a hotel or wherever else you’d feel comfortable. Mobile IV Medics will come to you so you can focus on getting to know your date and making them feel pampered. Thanks to hydration IV therapy, date night can be more refreshing than ever.

2. Cryotherapy

Another wellness-focused date idea is cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a technique that involves exposing the body to freezing temperatures, theoretically improving blood circulation and muscle recovery after working out. Whole-body cryotherapy can either take place in individual-sized enclosures or cold chambers that can hold several people at a time.

Signing up for a cryotherapy session can be a fun and friendly way to challenge your date to who can withstand the cold better. You’ll both have fun taking this polar plunge, and it might even help your muscles feel more relaxed afterward. However, keep in mind that cryotherapy’s benefits are still open to some debate.

3. Explore Your Area

Take a “staycation” in your hometown. Whether you live in a bustling city or a quaint small town, you and your date can have a delightful day exploring whatever makes your area unique. For instance, try going on a scenic landmark crawl. You’ll get to see beautiful and historically significant spots, such as statues, parks and museums, and fall in love with your home — and your date — all over again.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering with your date is a fulfilling activity that will leave you both with some warm memories. Choosing where to volunteer can also teach you a lot about each other, such as what you are passionate and what talents you have to contribute. Spending your date contributing to a cause you both care about will be a profoundly rewarding date experience.

If you need some volunteer date inspiration, consider walking shelter dogs together. This activity is a fun way to hang out with some adorable puppies, spend some time exercising outdoors and get to know each other better while doing a good deed. Plus, dogs are excellent judges of character, so you can see whether your date passes Fido’s smell test.

5. Attend Expensive Open Houses

Play house with your date by dressing up and pretending to be a wealthy couple looking to buy a new mansion. Check local listings for open houses near you, throw on a cocktail dress or suit, then go tour that dream house you could never afford. Have fun coming up with wealthy alter egos with high-paying jobs and luxurious hobbies. Don’t get too carried away and make an offer!

6. Take Your Dream Car for a Spin

While you’re both still in your wealthy personas, go ahead and test-drive your dream car. Head over to your local dealership and ask to take your favorite make and model on the open road. If your date’s dream car is different than yours, make sure you take both of them for a spin, so you each get a turn in the driver’s seat.

7. Solve a Murder Together

Do you and your date love true crime? Whether you’re into murder podcasts, mystery shows or whodunit films, you’ll have a blast playing detective together. Hunt a Killer is a murder mystery game that puts you and your date at the center of a crime and supplies you with clues to solve. You can also find several virtual murder mystery party materials online.

Go to a Virtual Wine Tasting

8. Go to a Virtual Wine Tasting

These days, you don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy a classy wine tasting. Virtual wine tastings bring the vineyard to you, so you can wine and dine your date from the comfort of your home. You can find a virtual wine tasting that matches your date’s personality, such as a wine and yoga class, a wine-and-cheese package, a one-on-one tasting with an expert and more.

9. Head to Your Local Library or Bookstore

The local library or an indie bookstore can be the perfect location for your next date. You can pick out books to discuss together or search for recommendations you think would match your date’s personality. Books can be an excellent conversation starter, and finding out what someone likes to read can tell you a lot about them.

If you’re lucky, you can find a nearby library or bookstore that is hosting an author reading. Author readings are almost always free, and attending one is a fun way to spend an afternoon while keeping up with the latest literary trends. Going to the author reading also gives you and your date something to chat about over lunch or dinner.

10. Play a Game of Messy Twister

We’re all familiar with the classic childhood game Twister, but have you ever played messy Twister? This version follows the same rules as regular Twister, but the “twist” is that each of the giant colored circles is wet paint. To take a bit of the mess out of messy Twister, make sure you play in the backyard and wear something you don’t mind getting covered in paint.

11. Build Something Together

Building something like a puzzle, a sculpture or a model project together is a great way to connect with your date. Working together toward a common goal will help the two of you bond while having fun and letting your creative juices flow. At the end, you’ll both get to have the sense of pride that comes with a job well done.

12. Exchange Embarrassing Photos

If you want to get to know your date well, try swapping embarrassing pictures from your awkward years with each other. Whether you’ve got a stash of funny baby photos, cringy middle school pics or high school snapshots that still make you shudder, gather them up and share them with your date. You’ll both get some good laughs out of it, and conversation will naturally evolve as you each discuss your different phases of life and start to see more sides of one another.

13. Chase an Adrenaline Rush

If you and your date are both daredevils, do something together that will get your heart pounding. Here are some hair-raising ideas that any adrenaline junkie will love.

  • Trapeze lesson: If you’ve both always wondered what it would be like to twist and turn through the air, sign up for a trapeze class together.
  • Zip lining: Zooming through the sky on a zip line is a fun, scenic way to get your thrills.
  • Rock climbing: Achieve new heights, both literally and in your relationship, by scaling mountains together.
  • Throw axes: If you and your date are both athletes, make axe throwing your new favorite sport.

14. Share Music

Bring making mixtapes into the 21st century by creating playlists for each other. You can learn a lot about someone by asking about their favorite artists and albums. After discussing your top tunes for a bit, you can have a dance party together or go to a silent disco for some extra fun.

15. Strap on Some Skates

Whether at a roller rink or on ice, going skating is always a good date idea. Something about gliding around in circles and struggling to maintain your center of gravity together is infinitely romantic. If you both already own roller skates, you can also go for a skate around a nearby park. Earn bonus points for going ice skating around Christmastime and getting into the holiday spirit together.

Hit up Your Favorite Thrift Shop

16. Sign up for Partner Yoga

If you and your date are into fitness, try stretching yourselves outside your comfort zone with a partner yoga class. Doing partner yoga will leave you both feeling more relaxed, centered and in touch with yourselves and each other. Plus, a partner yoga class gives you a chance to show off your flexibility.

17. Take a Mixology Class

Instead of going out for fancy overpriced cocktails, learn how to make mixed drinks at home. When you take a virtual mixology or bartending class together, you’ll learn how to whip up your favorite boozy combinations and get to sample your creations. Before you know it, you’ll both be masters behind the bar.

18. Host a Poker Night

Find out how well your date can bluff by hosting a poker night with some friends. You’ll get the chance to learn one another’s tells and attempt to master your poker faces while betting big. If you want to save some cash, bet silly things like candy, other snacks or even favors like washing someone’s car instead of real money.

19. Hit up Your Favorite Thrift Shop

Who doesn’t love a good thrift store? Going thrifting is a fun date idea because it gives you the chance to pick out silly pieces of clothing for one another to try on. For a real challenge, convince your date to wear the ridiculous outfit you pick out for them to lunch or dinner after you finish shopping.

Another thrift shop date idea is giving yourselves about half an hour to find the following:

  • Something that matches your date’s personality
  • Something shaped like a heart
  • A book or movie with “Love” in the title
  • Something nostalgic that reminds you of your childhood
  • Something that makes you think of your date
  • Something your date would love to receive as a gift

20. De-Stress at a Rage Room

If you or your date have had a stressful week, try hitting up a rage room to vent your frustration. Also known as an anger room or a smash room, a rage room is a place that offers people a safe space to let out their pent-up anger by destroying objects in a room. For instance, a rage room may contain replicas of furnishings and objects like desks and TVs that patrons can smash with a sledgehammer.

Bonus Tip: Score Some Free Samples

Have a fun date on the cheap by going on a samples tour. If you and your date are feeling hungry but don’t want to have a full sit-down meal, try hitting up a local food market or food festival together to find out what delicious samples the vendors are offering. Walking around a farmers’ market or festival is also a fun opportunity to spend some time people-watching and making up wild backstories together for all of the characters you see pass by.

Schedule Hydration IV With Mobile IV Medics for Your Next Date

Schedule Hydration IV With Mobile IV Medics for Your Next Date

If you want to make your next date night memorable, book a couple’s hydration IV therapy appointment with Mobile IV Medics today. At Mobile IV Medics, we make the IV therapy process quick and painless to ensure your date goes as smoothly as possible. When you schedule an IV therapy appointment with us, we’ll send one of our registered nurses to the location of your choosing to administer your hydration IV package.

To make your date extra special, you can customize your hydration IV package with whatever add-ins you’d like. If you think your date would appreciate a vitamin boost, medication or another supplement, you can request to include it in their hydration IV package. Creating a personalized IV package is a great way to show your date you care about their well-being.

Learn more about how you can plan the best date night ever by contacting Mobile IV Medics or scheduling your couple’s hydration IV therapy session today.