Temperatures are dropping, shopping is increasing and the joy of the holidays is quickly approaching! The winter season is right around the corner, meaning many are starting to reflect on the past year’s achievements. As you contemplate your own accomplishments, it’s always a great idea to think ahead about the goals you want to set for yourself in the next year. 

Having a list of health tips for the New Year at your disposal can start you on your journey toward looking and feeling your best during the upcoming 12 months. Take a look at the following examples of New Year health resolutions to add to your goals for a successful and happy 2023!


5 New Year's Health Resolutions for 2023

5 New Year’s Health Resolutions for 2023

Setting healthy resolutions for yourself starts with the willingness and determination to seek change. Whether you want to start practicing a nutritious diet, working out more frequently or practicing mindfulness as much as possible, you can find practical goals that match your lifestyle and needs. Remember to keep your happiness at the forefront of your resolutions to end 2023 with a bang. 

Here are a few health resolutions to consider adding to your goals for the upcoming year.

1. Get More Sleep

One of the most effective steps to improving your health is getting appropriate sleep each night. Better sleep might sound like a pipe dream because of your schedule, and getting a good night’s rest every night is a process that can take some time to master. However, the results greatly outweigh the journey.

Over one-third of the United States population does not get the recommended seven hours of sleep at night. Letting the mind and body rest for this healthy amount every night can make it easier to focus and feel rejuvenated to accomplish daily goals. 

You can improve your sleep schedule to benefit your general health by following these tips:

  • Set a strict bedtime: Prioritizing sleep in your daily schedule can make it easier to find a bedtime that lets you wake up feeling refreshed. If you know when you need to wake up in the morning to get ready for school, work or other activities, try to set your bedtime 7-8 hours before wake-up time. Once your body and mind adjust to the new bedtime, it will gradually start feeling more tired at that time, making it easier to fall asleep naturally.
  • Unwind before bed: Falling asleep takes time, especially if you have a lot on your mind. It would help to create a routine that allows you to physically and mentally relax before going to bed. Reading, meditating, listening to calm music or taking a warm bath are all effective ways to destress from the day so you feel ready to sleep longer.
  • Avoid electronics before bed: Checking your phone or watching TV before bed can be relaxing but may cause you to focus on other subjects that distract you from sleep. Bright screens can also harm your eyes if you look at them in the dark. Try to avoid using electronics 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime so you can unwind and sleep peacefully.

2. Add More Exercise to Your Daily Schedule

A busy work or school schedule can make it challenging to fit in some physical activity. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to get a bit of exercise no matter where you are. 

You can do these simple workouts at work, school and home:

  • Practice yoga poses before bed: After a long day of working or completing school work, unwinding through yoga exercises can ease your mind and body before going to bed. Meditation, the downward dog position and the tree pose for a few minutes in the evening can offer numerous health benefits, including reducing joint pain, aiding digestion and enhancing sleep quality.
  • Take breaks for stretching: Sitting at a desk for an extended period can make your body feel sore and your mind lose focus. To get in a bit of exercise during work or a study session, set a timer for every 30 minutes that reminds you to stand up and stretch your limbs. You can even take a brief walk outside or around the building to stimulate your muscles a few times each day. It might not seem like much exercise, but your body will thank you for allowing these short breaks to engage your joints in stretching or walking.
  • Do some chair dips: Another simple exercise you can do from your desk is chair dips. All you need is a chair without wheels that you can lean on for support. Scoot to the edge of the chair until your backside is slightly lower than the seat. Support your weight by placing both hands at the edge of the seat with your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Lower your waist to as close to the floor as possible and lift your weight using your upper arm strength. Repeat these dips a few times to engage your arms, core and legs so you can get a bit of exercise in during the day.

3. Practice Healthy Eating Habits

A healthy diet starts with what you eat and how you eat. You can start your New Year health resolutions by making a few changes to your eating habits that make you feel good and look your best.

Follow these healthy eating habits to improve your physical and mental well-being during 2023:

  • Eat the appropriate fruit and vegetable servings: Healthy eating starts with getting the right amount of greens and fruits in your diet each day. The recommended servings for these healthy foods are five daily — three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits. You can add these additional ingredients to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even as a dessert. Typically, one whole fruit, such as an apple, banana or orange, can count as one serving, and a few slices of vegetables can be enough for a few servings. Adding a few of your favorite healthy foods can make a difference when starting your new healthy eating habits.
  • Eat without distractions: While it may be tempting to watch TV or check your social media while eating a meal, distractions can lead to overeating. Focusing on what we’re eating can help us make conscious decisions about our eating habits. Try to put your phone away and keep the TV off while you eat so you can enjoy your entire meal.
Eat slowly
  • Eat slowly: Taking a break from work or school to eat your lunch can easily make you feel rushed, leading to eating too quickly. Consuming your food too quickly can also impact your body’s ability to digest properly. To practice healthy eating habits, try to eat each meal at a slower pace. This simple step will allow you to enjoy the food you’re eating and allow your body to process its ingredients.

4. Live a Sick-Free Year

Building healthy habits and decreasing the possibility of getting sick during the year is an excellent resolution for 2023. While catching an illness can be unpredictable, being able to fight it off doesn’t have to be. Avoiding being sick starts with boosting your immune system’s health since it sends cells to attack viruses that enter the body. 

To promote a healthy lifestyle year-round by not getting sick, you can get your annual vaccines and eat five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

5. Spend More Time Outside

Nothing beats the health benefits of getting outside more often. Being in nature allows you to get fresh air and Vitamin D, which you would not usually receive sitting indoors for most of the day. In 2023, you can resolve to spend more time outside to enjoy the sights of wildlife, natural elements and beautiful views. 

Connecting with nature allows you to reflect on the previous day peacefully and meditate with the nearby sounds to occupy your mind. While you lounge in the sun, you can benefit from Vitamin D’s properties, including improving bone health, reducing inflammation and controlling infections. 

New Year Health Tips

New Year Health Tips

Now that you have a few ideas to add to your goals for the upcoming year, you might wonder how to stay consistent in your health plans. Having the right motivation and a positive mindset can make your dreams a reality. Starting to make healthy changes now can lead to a successful year of looking and feeling your best. Follow these wellness tips for 2023 to be healthier in the New Year.

1. Give Drip Therapy Treatments a Try

For a little boost to get you started on your journey toward a healthier you, you can rely on Mobile IV Medics drip therapy treatments. The benefits of these vitamins and fluids in your body and mind may motivate you to lose weight, sleep better and feel confident in yourself.

A few drip therapy treatments you can try to be healthier in the New Year include:

  • Weight Loss IV Drip
  • Beauty IV Drip Package
  • Immune System Support IV Package
  • Energy & Focus IV Drip Package
  • IV Hydration Package

With the help of these IV packages, you can enjoy reaching your resolutions at your own pace, which lets you take control of your goals and ambitions. You can get a head start on your healthy habits with weight loss, hydration and immense system support treatments while feeling your best with the beauty and energy & focus IV packages.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Connecting with your mind and body through relaxing techniques can help you meet your resolutions more easily. Whether you want to practice meditation, get in touch with your emotions or make time for yourself more often, mindfulness allows you to take care of your physical and mental health so you can focus more on your resolutions. 

Research shows that practicing mindfulness on a daily basis can decrease painful physical symptoms, including lower back pain, arthritis, psoriasis and fibromyalgia. With less pain, you can feel energized to make time for exercise during the day. Take advantage of mindfulness practices to feel your best so you can make the most out of your workout regimen and healthy eating habit resolutions.

Meditation and mindfulness can also help you manage stress easier throughout your daily life. Working, maintaining a social life and taking care of yourself and your family requires a lot of effort, which can lead to stress. Luckily, a few minutes of quiet reflection and meditation can give you time to ground yourself in the moment. Time to yourself is excellent for making logical decisions, such as eating healthier, working out and getting to sleep at a reasonable time.

3. Emphasize Self-Love

Most of us make healthy New Year’s resolutions that we end up forgetting about or feel like we cannot accomplish for various reasons. While some may feel like their goals are out of reach and others may not know how to start with their resolutions, a little bit of confidence can go a long way. Practicing self-love and kindness to ourselves is one of the best ways to make us feel ready to tackle any challenge and make our goals achievable.

Harboring self-love is the ability to see ourselves in a positive light and make decisions that benefit our happiness. Think of what you have accomplished in life up to this point. You might have graduated with a degree you love, started a beautiful family or found a purpose in life that makes you feel passionate. No matter what your life entails, you have worked hard to get to the present moment. 

This realization can make you thank yourself for achieving things you may have once thought impossible. Treat yourself with kindness and continue increasing your self-love for the intelligence, compassion and hard work you display every day.

Your confidence is essential for achieving new goals, including working out, getting more sleep and adopting healthier eating habits. If you can picture yourself accomplishing these resolutions, you can make the right decisions to get there, making 2023 a year to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.

Prioritize Your Health in 2023 With Mobile IV Medics

Prioritize Your Health in 2023 With Mobile IV Medics

Start your healthy New Year’s resolutions off right with the help of Mobile IV Medics! With our wide selection of IV treatments and these wellness tips for 2023, you can get the extra boost you need to start accomplishing your goals. In less than 60 minutes or up to a few hours, you can go about your day after the treatment so you can make the most out of your day without having to set aside time for recovery. 

Our mobile services make their way to you! We serve several locations nationwide so you can relax at home during your treatment. One of our trained technicians will be available during your appointment to go over the process, benefits and any questions you may have about the IV packages.

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