You’ve seen the pictures on social media. You’ve heard the trends in the news. You’ve even wondered if they’d work for you. But what exactly are vitamin IV drips, and why do celebrities use them?

Vitamin IV drips have numerous benefits that celebrities can’t get enough of. From weight loss to overall health, IV drips help celebrities stay in the tip-top shape they need to be in.

Why Do Celebrities Use IV Drips?

Why Do Celebrities Use IV Drips?

There are various reasons why celebrities opt for IV drips. Some popular benefits of IV drips include:

  • Promotes weight loss: IV drips are crafted to help celebrities shed stubborn fat. When you’re constantly in the spotlight and expected to look your best no matter the time of day or location, you may need some extra help from IV drips to lose weight naturally. IV packages regulate vitamin levels, ward off fatigue and boost a person’s immune system. It’s no wonder why celebrities use IV drips to lose weight and keep that weight off.
  • Boosts immunity: IV drips help boost immunity. When a celebrity is touring, doing interviews and acting on movie sets, they interact with various people and encounter numerous germs. The high-stress situations they’re put in can also wreak havoc on their immune systems. With vitamin IV drips, celebrities can get the vitamins and nutrients they need to support their immune systems on a whole new level.
  • Enhances beauty: As a person in the spotlight, it’s important to have flawless skin and hair. Vitamin IV drips are key for adding extra shine to one’s hair and keeping skin hydrated and blemish free. 
  • Speeds up hangover recovery: Celebrities live in the party scene — it comes with the status and fame. But they also have things to do and places to be the next day. Why not speed up hangover recovery with a handy IV drip? These IV drips help celebrities regain their appetite, eliminate nausea and headaches and gain the strength they need to carry on with their day.
  • Strengthens mental clarity: It’s no myth — celebrities are almost always on the go. With so many things happening, it can be difficult to keep tabs on every appearance, interview and concert. IV drips give celebrities the vitamins and antioxidants they need to improve their mental clarity, especially when things get foggy.
  • Slows down aging: Celebrities want to stay in their prime, and sometimes this means using anti-aging solutions. IV drips can be crafted to address signs of aging by using specific vitamins and antioxidants to promote a youthful appearance, such as vitamin B complex and glutathione.
  • Aids in substance abuse recovery: Unfortunately, many celebrities fall into a substance abuse hole that can be difficult to recover from without the proper treatment and help. To help aid in recovery, IV drips can flush toxins out of an individual’s body from previous struggles with substance abuse.
  • Suppresses morning sickness: Having a baby is a joy, but dealing with morning sickness can disrupt daily life. IV drips help suppress feelings of morning sickness so that celebrities can keep on keeping on.
  • Promotes hydration: Celebrities are constantly traveling, exposing their skin to different climates and often drying their skin out. To promote hydration and keep their skin looking radiant, they choose IV drips.
  • Relieves sunburn pain: After vacationing to a tropical destination, celebrities opt for an IV package crafted specifically to treat sunburn pain and aid in skin repair.

Celebrities Who Love IV Drips

Celebrities need to stay in pristine shape, and their busy lifestyles don’t exactly help them do so. To keep looking and feeling their best, some opt for IV drips to give them a hand. Which celebrities in particular swear by them? We’ll highlight a handful of stars who love IV vitamin drips and what they often use them for.

  • Chrissy Teigen: She treats herself to an IV drip to feed her body some extra vitamins to get through her busy days of being one of America’s favorite celebrities.
  • Madonna: Madonna is an icon, and to keep up with her top-tier status, she uses a B12 IV drip. The B12 helps boost her energy levels and promotes a faster metabolism.
  • Rihanna: This star has a busy life that’s envied by many, so she opts for IV drips to boost her immunity and cure exhaustion from long days. She’s been using IV treatments since 2012!
  • Simon Cowell: Simon is known for being a harsh critic of talent, but did you also know he uses IV drips? He enjoys weekly IV vitamin drips filled with B12, magnesium and vitamin C. He’s even explained that he feels extremely calm with boosted energy for the next few days after having his IV treatment.
  • Adele: This singer swears by an IV drip, especially on weeks when she doesn’t have a day without a concert, interview or appearance. She chooses a specific IV package full of antioxidants that helps her prevent the buildup of bacteria on her vocal cords.
  • Jane Fonda: Jane is a timeless beauty, but this timelessness doesn’t come without effort. She uses an IV drip concoction full of antioxidants to help slow down the aging process.
  • Brad Pitt: Brad was an early advocate for IV drips, using them to enhance his natural beauty so that he can look his best on screen and boost his energy.
  • Sofia Vergara: This star treated her wedding guests to a unique (and clever) wedding favor after the reception: a custom IV drip to help with hangover relief. Talk about a wedding favor people actually want!
  • Justin Bieber: This singer goes for a weekly IV drip to help flush toxins out of his body and regulate his vitamin levels so he can continue performing and being the icon he is.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: Gwyneth is a huge fan of IV drips to boost immunity. As a seasoned advocate for health and beauty, Gwyneth Paltrow keeps tabs on what works and what doesn’t, and she’s made it clear: IV drips work. 

Is an IV Drip Right for You?

Just like celebrities, you have stressors in your life and want to continue looking and feeling your best. Whether you are looking to boost your immunity or overcome a hangover, IV drips are a great way to level up your life. At Mobile IV Medics, we offer numerous IV treatments, including:

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