Even when you try to live a healthy lifestyle, simply living in Los Angeles can take a toll on your health and well-being. Every breath of LA smog you inhale can negatively impact your health by irritating your airways and lungs. With IV therapy, you may be able to feel better in the midst of smog exposure.

How LA Smog Can Affect Your Health

LA smog contains dangerous pollutants that can impact your health. In fact, a study showed that those who live in pollution-filled cities have higher rates of emphysema, a condition once thought to only afflict smokers. The study connected risk of emphysema with the amount of ozone in the air, a prime ingredient in smog.

Ozone has more immediate effects on health, as shown by another study focusing exclusively on the health effects of smog and air pollution on Southern Californians. Even at relatively low levels of ozone of less than 0.06 parts per million (ppm), visits to emergency rooms for respiratory problems increased and children with asthma showed worsening problems. For the general public, exposure for less than an hour to 0.1 ppm to 0.15 ppm ozone over several days caused breathing difficulties in all ages.

At higher exposures seen only in experimental situations, lung function decreased. In animals, breathing structures changed and indicated possible chronic lung disease development. Those animals also had a higher chance of contracting bacterial lung infections.

Particulate matter in smog also plays a negative role in health. This category encompasses a variety of pollutants including:

  • Sulfates
  • Nitrates
  • Organic and elemental carbons
  • Pollen and spores
  • Trace metals

Exposure to these particles correlates to worsening respiratory conditions, increased mortality, lung function changes, higher absenteeism from school, more emergency room visits and more physician visits.

Asthma rates have a very high relationship to breathing in particulate matter pollution. For every 10 micrometers per cubic meter of particulate matter, asthma attacks increased by 3% and rescue inhaler use increased by 12.2% in one study.

Whether or not you have a respiratory condition, you still need to reduce the impacts of LA smog on your health as much as possible. Limit your exposure to outside air during high pollution days and use air-purifying devices in your home to remove pollutants from your indoor air to potentially lower your total intake of smog and its effects.

Living a healthy lifestyle to keep your immune system strong is one option. You might also feel better with an immune-boosting IV therapy from us at Mobile IV Medics. With our mobile service, you won’t have to travel to a drip bar or doctor to get treatment, reducing your exposure to smog.

Smog Can Worsen Asthma Symptoms and Cause Breathing Problems

IV Therapy for Asthma

As noted, smog can worsen asthma symptoms. Even healthy people may experience breathing problems in some cases of extreme pollution or smog levels. Finding therapy to ease discomfort and breathing abilities in these instances is beneficial for anyone living in the Los Angeles area. IV therapy is not a new treatment for those with asthma. In fact, some studies have already shown success for patients with asthma symptoms receiving IV infusions of magnesium.

The study looked at how patients responded to IV doses of magnesium and other nutrients for control of short-term and long-term asthma symptoms. The study indicated an average improvement in both chronic and acute patients of 45%. The most astounding results were, among those receiving multiple treatments for months and suffering from chronic asthma, participants showed a 95% improvement over predicted values. The mixture used in this 2004 study included B vitamins, magnesium and vitamin C, all of which you can find in the Mobile IV Medics Myers’ Cocktail.

Another study performed a decade later examined existing evidence for the use of IV therapy for people with asthma. This study showed that IV infusions that included magnesium sulfate over a half-hour period helped adults with acute asthma symptoms who did not respond to other treatments. These treated adults had fewer hospital admissions and better lung function.

IV Therapy for Allergies

One of the concerns for people with allergies who live in Los Angeles is how smog acts as an irritant to worsen their allergy symptoms, especially breathing problems like allergy-induced asthma. However, hope may be available in vitamin C.

You may have heard you should drink orange juice to help a cold. While some people today think this advice is a myth, there may be truth hidden in it. A study from 2018 suggests that intravenous delivery of high doses of vitamin C reduces symptoms of allergies. Orange juice’s vitamin C might help with colds or allergies, but the amount may be too low.

If you want to try IV vitamin C for yourself to see how it can help when smog causes allergy symptoms to flare, contact Mobile IV Medics for our Immune IV package, which includes vitamin C, zinc, B-12, B complex and glutathione. You can even choose to boost the amount of zinc and vitamin C with Immune Max.

Scientists support the supplementation of your diet with vitamins and minerals, such as those in the Immune IV package. In fact, one study recommends adding vitamin C above the daily recommended intake amount and supplementing the diet with other nutrients such as B vitamins and zinc to support the immune system’s operation. Boosting your nutrient intake, the study suggests, could improve your resistance to respiratory diseases.

If your allergies worsen to make you feel headachy, you may need extra medication with nutritional supplementation. When you feel exceptionally bad, consider our Cold and Flu IV package that adds headache, fever, pain and anti-inflammatory medication to the ingredients found in the Immune package.

Contact Mobile IV Medics to Combat the Effects of Smog

Contact Mobile IV Medics to Combat the Effects of Smog

Los Angeles smog is notorious for its density and danger. Don’t let living in LA get you down. You can take steps to feel better even on smoggy days. Of course, you should follow your doctor’s advice for taking any asthma or allergy medications that you need. However, you may also benefit from adding IV therapy from Mobile IV Medics to your lifestyle.