While you might spend most weekends going out to eat or hitting your favorite bar with your friends, sometimes you might need a change of scenery. Staying home with friends can be what you need to feel refreshed and recharged — and skip the busy night out.

Sometimes you might need a quiet night at home to catch up and spend quality time together. Or maybe you need a break from the busy bar scene — we get it. 

What’s there to do if you decide to stay in? Here are some ideas of what to do at home with friends instead of going out this weekend. 

Fun Activities for Adults to Do at Home With Friends

Group Dinner

A shared meal is an excellent way to stay in and spend time with friends. Whether you are trying to cook something extravagant or simple, it can be a fun bonding experience. Search through many delicious recipes to figure out what will work best for the group, and get cooking! 

Invite your friends over to cook with you, and enjoy the meal together. Skipping the busy restaurants and loud conversations across the table for a home-cooked meal can be what you need to unwind.


While this might seem like a no-brainer, relaxing is sometimes last on the list for many busy people. If you decide to stay in for the night with your friends, it can be nice to have zero plans for the evening and enjoy being in good company. 

Relax and unwind by having a laid-back night of talking! Find a cozy spot to settle in and have a cup of coffee or tea together. If the weather is pleasant, enjoy hanging out together on the porch or patio.


Another great way to spend time with friends without going out would be to find a way to get active. Take a walk with your group, enjoy the weather and chat about what has been going on.

With the increase in at-home workouts over the past year, motivate each other by working out together! Whenever you work out, remember to recover correctly to decrease the risk of any injury.

Creative Things to Do at Home


Staying in doesn’t mean you have to sit around and do nothing. Get creative with your art ideas!

Stage an art night at your home. Sit around with friends and paint, draw, whatever you like! Pair art nights with wine and cheese tastings and chats with friends. 

If you and your friends are competitive, have an art contest. The idea is that everyone paints or draws the same thing, then you decide who did the best work. It’s a fun way to unwind and enjoy a friendly competition at home.

DIY Projects

Stay at home and create DIY items. Whether you have an upcoming event that needs decor or you love making things with your hands, DIY projects are inexpensive and fun.

Pinterest is a great place to start if you and your friends need some ideas!

What to Do With Friends When Bored

What to Do With Friends When Bored

Spa Night

Skip the noisy, stressful bar and opt for a spa night instead. Sheet masks are a quick and easy at-home treatment popular for spas, but you might also be interested in treating yourself to masks for your hair, eyes, lips, hands and even feet.

Manicures and pedicures are also a hit for spa nights. Give your hands and feet a makeover and a fresh coat of polish. 

Relax and rejuvenate with friends by pampering yourselves for the night. Light some candles and listen to relaxing music to achieve the spa feel.

Game Night

If you and your friends are planning a laid-back night and also want to have some fun, host a game night! Game nights are a way to bring everyone together and have an exciting night at home.

Invite your friends over, and ask them to bring their favorite games. Spend the rest of the night trying different games and eating snacks.

Binge-Watch Shows

The feeling of curling up with your friends and watching TV is unmatched. Stay in for the night and binge-watch your favorite shows together! 

Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu offer hundreds of shows ranging from horror to mystery to romantic comedies. 

Home Session of Group IV Therapy

Home Session of Group IV Therapy

OK, maybe you’ve decided to go out this weekend — and there’s nothing wrong with that! A group IV session is another idea of something you can do at home, especially after overdoing it a little. Mobile Medics is an IV treatment company that works to relieve your uncomfortable and aggravating symptoms. And the best part is, we come to you!

Our menu offers many IV treatments designed to alleviate symptoms of issues like colds, migraines and even hangovers. Other treatment options include vitamins and antioxidants to increase energy, focus and health. Within our service area, our mobile medics can provide in-home services for an array of needs. IV services are available for groups or individuals. After a night out, this might be the perfect plan for you and your friends to beat that hangover. 

Going out on the town with friends can be fun and exciting — you might even wish you could do it all the time. However, staying in with friends at home is a wonderful way to relax, unwind and catch up with each other. No matter where you are, you won’t regret spending quality time with friends. So make the most of it!

Whether you and your friends decide to stay in or go out this weekend, remember Mobile IV Medics has IV therapy for everyone. Check out our IV treatment menu today.