Anyone can throw a house party — just invite a bunch of people, add some booze, snacks, and music, right? But if you want to throw a truly amazing house party that everyone will be talking about, it takes a little extra planning. Knowing how to host an epic house party means that you and your guests will have an awesome night.

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If you need a little help in the party planning department, you’re in the right place. Follow these tips and ideas for the most lit house party you’ve ever thrown. 

House Party Ideas

Looking for house party ideas for adults? It’s easier than you think to throw a fun party your friends will love. For extra fun, go for an interesting theme. Try a decade-themed party or pick a classic movie or TV show and let guests dress as their favorite characters. Your theme can be as simple or as fancy as you like — just make sure to communicate your ideas to your guests beforehand.

You certainly don’t need to have a theme to have a great party. Just make sure to have great food and drinks along with music and other entertainment and you’ll be set for an awesome night. 

How to Throw a House Party

Follow these steps to throwing a house party you’ll never forget.

Curate Your Invite List

You can’t party alone, but you also don’t want to have an open invitation to every person in the area. Invite an appropriate number of people for what your space can reasonably hold. Keep in mind that you will likely get a few extra tag-along friends, as well as a few no-shows from your list. 

Talk to the Neighbors

Before your party, clue in your neighbors that you may have a late night and some extra noise. They’ll appreciate the heads up. Even better, invite them to the party, too! Even if they don’t come, they’ll likely feel more friendly — and forgiving, if your party gets too loud. 

Plan Your Food and Drink

If you’re hosting a party with an earlier start time, you should provide dinner. If it’s a late-night event, a few snacks should be just fine. Plan out what you’re going to serve and stock up on supplies beforehand. Decide if you want guests to BYOB or if you plan on providing everything yourself. If you want guests to bring drinks and food, make this clear on your invites so guests know what to expect and ensure that you’ll have enough for everyone. 

Prep the House

There are a few things you should do before the guests arrive. First of all, make sure your house is picked up and clean, especially the bathroom. While this area is often forgotten during party prep, your guests are sure to spend some time here so make sure it’s clean and well-stocked with hand towels, toilet paper, tissues and hand soap. Put away anything that’s valuable, sentimental or fragile and lock bedroom doors if possible.

Create party zones by moving furniture around to make conversation areas and an area for dancing. If you have a larger house, you may want a dance area in one room and a more low-key space for chatting and more niche music options. Place extra pillows and cushions for maximum lounging and comfort. Light some candles or use an oil diffuser to create a light scent. Turn off overhead lights and use lamps, string lights and candles for an ambient glow.

Things You Need for a House Party

Things You Need for a House Party

For the best house party, you’ll need to focus on these essentials:

  • Good food: You don’t want your party guests to go hungry. Be sure to have plenty of party classics on hand, like chips and popcorn. If you want something a little heartier, plan on some fun finger foods like kebabs and hot appetizers. And if you want to be a superstar host, take into consideration your friends’ special dietary preferences and have some options that are vegan and gluten-free. 
  • Booze: Even if you go the BYOB route, you’ll want to have some backup alcohol available. Stock up on beer, wine (both white and red) and a few liquors like vodka, whiskey and rum. You should also plan on having a few mixers available, like tonic water, juices and sodas. These beverages give options for mocktails for anyone who chooses not to imbibe. Make sure you also have plenty of ice on hand for making drinks and keeping everything cool. 
  • Music: The music at a party can make or break the overall vibe. Plan ahead with some curated playlists that will set the tone for the whole night. Choose upbeat, popular dance music to get the party started and keep it going. You may want to plan for an hour or two at the end of the party for more relaxed music as things wind down. You can look through the playlists on streamable music services or enlist a trusted friend to play DJ. 
  • Games: While listening to music and chatting up new people can be fun on its own, you may want to have some extra entertainment at the ready. Have beer pong set up or provide a stack of classic board games or even an old Twister set. At the very least, put out a few decks of cards, which can provide lots of options for different games. 

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