Intravenous zinc is good for maintaining essential bodily functions and warding off disease. Your body can’t store high levels of zinc, so it’s critical to get the amount you need each day to keep your body healthy.

Most people think of zinc as an immunity booster. When you feel a cold coming on, you may pop a few zinc pills to stop that cold before it takes hold. Because of that, many people think of zinc and vitamin C together. Zinc can actually decrease the length and severity of a cold, which makes it a valuable natural remedy during the fall and winter, when cold season kicks into gear. Imagine being able to treat a runny nose with an IV instead of medicine!

You can find high levels of zinc in shellfish, with oysters as the best-known source. Lamb also has a lot of zinc. The element is present in some plant-based foods too, such as chickpeas, mushrooms and cashews. Your favorite source of zinc may be dark chocolate, although you need to practice moderation with any dessert item.

What Is Zinc?

Zinc is a trace essential element in the human body. Although you do not need a lot of zinc, you can experience severe symptoms with a zinc deficiency. You can become more susceptible to disease if you have low levels of zinc.

IV zinc is diluted before being administered. When you have healthy levels of zinc, your concentration abilities increase and your immunity levels rise. Your body can absorb zinc better through an IV than a supplement or even through food. With an IV, the element goes straight into the bloodstream. You can excrete any unused zinc through urine.

When your zinc levels are too low, you may gain weight, lose hair, experience digestive issues and notice that infections or cuts take a longer time to heal. Brain fog and fatigue are also symptoms of a zinc deficiency.

Benefits of Zinc

Why should you increase your zinc levels? You can treat many conditions with zinc and also decrease your chances of developing other ones. Just a few things zinc can address include:

  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Poor digestion
  • Low energy levels

Do you have low hormone levels related to menopause or treatment for a disease? Zinc can help spark more production of estrogen. Men can also use it to increase their testosterone production. You can get better control of diabetes with higher zinc levels. Zinc moderates insulin, too, which is also a hormone.

Zinc can be used to decrease the severity or development of infections, most notably after surgery. Its immune-boosting powers come in handy in many situations.

Get a Zinc IV Drip Now!

If you feel run down or you have trouble concentrating, you can benefit from a zinc IV infusion. Mobile IV Medics can administer an IV in your home that will treat common ailments and help you feel better quickly. Our Registered Nurses can visit most locations within an hour of booking your appointment. Schedule a session with us today!