Supplements are part of millions of people’s daily routine, acting as a reliable source of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. Now, a new staple supplement is gaining momentum — NAD+.

NAD+ is an age-fighting supplement that promotes a healthier sleep cycle, muscle growth and cell growth to keep your body functioning the way it’s supposed to. We’re here to explain how you can use NAD therapy to maximize these benefits and your money.

NAD Plays a Significant Role in Keeping Our Internal Organs and Neurological System Healthy

What Is NAD+?

NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme naturally found in the cells of yeasts, plants, bacteria and mammals. NAD has two forms: NAD+ and NADH. You can think of NAD like a honeybee, gathering pollen from one flower and delivering it to the next. Before NAD picks up electrons, it’s NAD+, the form that’s ready and eager to work. After it grabs electrons, it becomes NADH until it converts back into NAD+.

NAD plays a significant role in keeping our internal organs and neurological system healthy, acting as a bio-hack to revitalize your body. Research into NAD+ is gaining momentum, with each study finding new ways people of all lifestyles can benefit from treatments and supplements.

How Does NAD+ Affect the Body?

Without getting too technical, NAD+ works by turning nutrients into energy currency that your body uses as fuel to perform daily biological work. Simultaneously, it works with proteins to benefit your body in ways like:

  • Maintaining muscle tone and function.
  • Aiding healthy cell growth.
  • Counteracting tissue damage.
  • Reversing damage done to the mitochondria.
  • Slowing down aging.
  • Combating age-related diseases.
  • Improving metabolism.
  • Setting your body’s circadian rhythm. Maintaining muscle tone and function.

Our bodies produce less NAD+ as we get older, which is why more people are turning to modern-day methods of replenishing their body’s healthy NAD+ levels. Other factors impact our body’s production of NAD+, too, like poor sleeping habits, chronic stress and drug use

You can supplement NAD+ in your body through two ways — dietary supplements and IV infusions, both of which come with individual pros and cons. Realizing we might be a little biased, we wanted to take a step back and break down the details to help you decide which method is better for you.

Pros and Cons of NAD+ Supplements

More people are adding NAD+ to their daily grouping of healthy dietary supplements, but is that the best method? Compared to NAD+ IV therapy, consider these pros and cons before adding these supplements to your daily routine.


If your daily grind has you moving around all day, you might prefer the convenience of taking a daily pill. The morning trip to your medicine cabinet takes only a few minutes, and you can quickly move on with your day.

Finding NAD+ supplements is relatively easy, too. Do a bit of online research, then wait two or more days for shipping or drive to the nearest available store.

You do have to be careful during shipping, though, because these supplemental pills are so fragile. Without careful transportation, they’ll degrade from prolonged light and heat exposure, or deteriorate if wet.

Safer for Immunocompromised Individuals

People living with weaker immune systems may prefer long-term use of dietary supplements rather than IV therapy. Nurses administering IV therapy packages put their patients first, instituting comprehensive precautionary measures to prevent any complications. Understandably, some immunocompromised people may prefer dietary supplements to limit their exposure to intravenous care.

Less Effective

Your digestive system doesn’t fully absorb NAD+ supplements, which dilutes any potential benefits. Effectiveness also varies from person to person, depending on your circulatory system, gastric emptying time and body response to the NAD+ supplement.

Pros of NAD+ IV Therapy

Pros and Cons of NAD+ IV Therapy

IV therapy is a growing wellness trend across the United States, where registered nurses administer treatments — like NAD+ — with the help of an IV. If you’re on the fence about NAD+ dietary supplements, consider these pros and cons of NAD IV therapy.

Most Effective

Unlike NAD+ dietary pills with a low absorption rate, IV therapy treatments provide you with 100% absorption. Infusion therapy delivers NAD+, along with other healthy vitamins, directly into your bloodstream, making it immediately available for your cells to use.

Extra Benefits of IV Therapy

nad iv

Getting NAD+ delivered via IV therapy rehydrates your body and flushes out any toxins or free radicals. You’ll receive the anti-aging and reparative benefits of NAD+ along with the instant advantages of rehydration, like increased concentration, better memory and more energy.

Plus, Mobile IV Medics provides customizable therapy that allows you to add other nutrients, such as vitamin C, magnesium and extra NAD+.

More Timely

Comfortable NAD+ IV therapy takes anywhere between one to four hours, depending on your treatment and provider. Some providers offer full-service delivery straight to your work or office, saving you time on transportation and allowing you to continue your daily routine.

The process is easy and convenient when you opt for full-service delivery. Once the nurse starts your IV drip, you can get comfortable and continue your day watching TV, reading your favorite book or magazine or tackling work assignments on your device.

Get NAD+ IV Therapy From Mobile IV Medics

Mobile IV Medics is a fully mobile IV therapy company, dedicated to giving you concierge-level service and a comfortable experience. We offer various IV treatment packages, including our NAD+ IV Drip Package — an NAD+ infusion treatment paired with an all-inclusive vitamin boost to keep your mind and body feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Our treatments are customizable, too. Optimize your NAD+ infusion with add-ins like:

  • Vitamin B complex
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Glutathione
  • Magnesium
  • MIC
  • Extra NAD+
  • Taurine
  • Zinc

Contact us or book an appointment online, and we’ll visit your home, office or hotel room within the hour. Our registered nurses will get to know you as they take your vitals and assess the best IV treatment for you. The IV insertion is virtually painless using our topical numbing spray, and our comfortable application makes the rest of the treatment a breeze.

If you’re in California, Texas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver or Florida and think you might be interested in an NAD+ IV therapy treatment, book an appointment with Mobile IV Medics online, or give us a call at 833-483-7477.