Is IV Therapy Safe?  

When IV drip bars first came on the scene a few years back, few knew what to make of the treatment that was popping up all over celebrity social media accounts. With such raving testimonials and endorsements, the therapy exploded in popularity, and treatment centers took off across the country. But as with any new … Continued

What to Do Instead of Brunch?  

If you want to switch up your plans and need something to do this Sunday, consider thinking outside of the box. While brunch is a great way to enjoy delicious food and time with your friends, it may become a little less exciting if you do it each weekend. Instead, you can plan a fun … Continued

Preventions and Treatments of Constipation  

Constipation is a very common medical issue that occurs when you have difficulty with the routine function of emptying the bowels. The good news is that constipation usually resolves within a few days. Chronic constipation lasting for several weeks is cause for seeing a doctor. You should always speak to a medical professional about a … Continued

The Benefits of Powerlifting  

Powerlifting is an effective tool for improving your overall health, building muscle mass and burning excess fat. While many people may think powerlifting is the same as weightlifting, these two forms of exercise are unique and offer different benefits. In simple terms, weightlifting involves lifting weight for various repetitions and several sets. On the other … Continued

What Should I Add to My 2022 Skincare Routine?   

Unlike bell-bottom jeans and velour tracksuits, smooth and healthy skin will never go out of style. Recommended skincare regimens are constantly evolving as new ingredients and techniques are discovered. Updating your skincare routine ensures you’re using the best treatments available. Find out the latest skincare trends to give your beauty routine a boost in 2022.  … Continued

How Can I Hydrate My Body Without Drinking Water?  

Dehydration occurs for many reasons, and it can cause uncomfortable symptoms. Water is the most common hydration solution, but you can also rehydrate your body with other liquids, nutritious foods, and IV therapy. Healthy fruits and vegetables, sports drinks, and other substances are tastier than water and can replenish the body with essential vitamins and … Continued

How to Throw a Lit House Party

Anyone can throw a house party — just invite a bunch of people, add some booze, snacks, and music, right? But if you want to throw a truly amazing house party that everyone will be talking about, it takes a little extra planning. Knowing how to host an epic house party means that you and … Continued

Popular Types of Yoga for Every Skill Level  

If yoga seems like an exclusive form of exercise, we’re happy to inform you otherwise! The core principles of yoga are compassion and non-judgment toward yourself and others. When the true spirit of yoga is practiced and embraced, yoga is a beneficial form of exercise that anyone can practice. Whether you seek yoga for beginners … Continued

How Often Should I Get IV Therapy?

Are you looking for alternative methods for treating lack of energy, lethargy or other ailments? IV therapy, or intravenous therapy, is a simple and effective way to receive vital nutrients and vitamins to help you be your healthiest self. But how often should you do IV therapy? It’s important to know how many sessions you … Continued

Why Do Celebrities Get IV Drips?

You’ve seen the pictures on social media. You’ve heard the trends in the news. You’ve even wondered if they’d work for you. But what exactly are vitamin IV drips, and why do celebrities use them? Why Do Celebrities Use IV Drips? Celebrities Who Love IV Drips Is an IV Drip Right for You? Book an … Continued

How to Plan a Valentine’s Day Lonely Hearts Party

Valentine’s Day isn’t only for couples. Singles deserve to embrace this day and treat themselves, too. Studies have shown that unmarried people are more socially active and often happier than married couples, so if you’re single, you may have more fun on Valentine’s Day than your paired-up counterparts. If you and your single friends are … Continued

Best Clubs and Nightlife in Atlanta

Atlanta is a major city bursting with southern charm, extensive history and wonderful residents. It’s the perfect destination for anyone to visit and experience what the ATL is all about. Atlanta is exciting for any adults who enjoy the nightlife scene and are ready to explore bars and clubs in the city. Things to Do … Continued

How to Quickly Recover From a Party Weekend

Most of us have been there before — a fun weekend packed with plenty of partying and overindulging. But then Monday rolls around again, and suddenly you have regrets. Too much junk food, alcohol and staying out late is hard on the body, and after a packed weekend of celebrations and other adventures, you may … Continued

IV Therapy for IBS

Experiencing any medical condition and the symptoms that come with it can take a toll on your overall wellness. Managing symptoms like constipation, bloating, gas and other symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can be possible if you find the treatments that hlep you feel like yourself again. A treatment option available for individuals … Continued