Conquering a Fear of Needles  

Needles are an essential part of medical services. They deliver necessary medications and fluids to the bloodstream to save lives, keep people healthy, fight infections and rehydrate individuals. However, needles also frequently invoke intense anxiety.  When you are afraid of needles, the uncomfortable symptoms and reactions you experience may lead to avoiding critical medical appointments, … Continued

10 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

The entire body depends on water for health, organ function, proper digestion, appearance and cognition. Staying hydrated significantly benefits the body, and you probably notice how much happier and healthier you feel when you are well-hydrated.  Dehydration can happen quickly if you consume too little water, engage in intense exercise, overheat or experience illness. Dehydration … Continued

Sunburn vs. Sun Poisoning: What Are the Differences?

Spending time out in the sun can offer many benefits, such as improved mood and better sleep. Still, sometimes we might use the wrong protection or stay out longer than we should, leading to sunburn or even sun poisoning. These conditions can be harmful to your skin and eventually become life-threatening — it’s important to … Continued

What Does Cycling Do for Your Body?

Cycling is an aerobic exercise that offers the body numerous benefits. Regular exercise can increase stamina, burn calories, tone muscles and promote overall good health. Cycling is a low-impact exercise, meaning it doesn’t place much strain on the body and is ideal for beginners. Learn what cycling does for your body and the many benefits … Continued

How Long Do Cold and Flu Symptoms Last?  

As temperatures drop and the holiday season sets in, many are starting to celebrate the festive cheer of winter! Cold weather activities and binging Christmas movies are right around the corner. However, the arrival of the winter season also means that cold and flu symptoms are at their highest peak. Learn the common symptoms of … Continued

5 New Year’s Health Resolutions  

Temperatures are dropping, shopping is increasing and the joy of the holidays is quickly approaching! The winter season is right around the corner, meaning many are starting to reflect on the past year’s achievements. As you contemplate your own accomplishments, it’s always a great idea to think ahead about the goals you want to set … Continued

How to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

As the holiday season quickly approaches, many of us prepare for shopping, display festive decorations and listen to our favorite holiday songs. While these celebrations and traveling plans start to take shape, it’s also important to get ready for the upcoming cold and flu season that is right around the corner.  With a few preventative … Continued

Food Poisoning vs. Stomach Flu

Food poisoning and the stomach flu are common conditions that may cause you to feel nauseous, weak and potentially dehydrated. Learn the difference between stomach flu vs. food poisoning, common symptoms, treatments and prevention. Symptoms and Causes Both Food Poisoning and Stomach Flu Cause Dehydration Stomach Flu and Food Poisoning Diagnosis Food Poisoning Treatment Stomach … Continued

Amino Acid Benefits

Keeping track of all of the tiny molecules that support life on Earth is a bit tricky. However, it’s important to understand how certain elements provide benefits for our well-being. This way, we can aim to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. If you’re curious about amino acids and how amino acid benefits can help … Continued

What Is Alcohol Proof?  

When planning a night out on the town or an exciting evening at home, do you check the labels on your alcohol bottles? If so, you might have noticed a small number that indicates the alcohol’s “proof.” While many fans of beer, wine and liquor typically overlook this part of the label, it has a … Continued

Lack of Concentration: Why Can’t I Focus?

We all know that feeling — you’re in the middle of a crucial work or school project. You understand what you need to do to reach your deadline. However, you can’t seem to concentrate enough to put a dent in your work. If you frequently experience this struggle, there are a few productive ways to … Continued

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System? 

After a night of drinking, you may wonder how long that alcohol will stay in your system. Every person’s body processes alcohol differently, with different levels of effects that follow.  Table of Contents: How Your Body Processes Alcohol How Long Does Being Drunk Last? How Long Does Liquor Stay in Your System? Can You Sober … Continued